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This mod adds a simple Khajiit Male Archer to the game in Riverwood.

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Fa'Sad is a happy guy who is just looking for something to do. He is an Archer and enjoys hunting.He lost his bow so you will need to give him one of you choice. He loves killing vampires as he has a firebolt and flame spell. He insists that they want death as he will ask them if this is what they want as he is killing them. The armor unless you have replacers as I do and you see in the images will be basic leather armor. Same with the shield he has. It is an Elven shield that has a resist frost enchantment. He has 3000 health, 1500 magicka and 2000 stamina. Brave aggression and a lock picking perk along with avoid death as cats do and is hip to any criminal activity's. He may smell trouble makers or he may not as he is not perfect but he is faithful and will let you know. Fa'Sad is marriable and levels from 20-255. This is just a warm up mod for me as I'm about to start back making some more mods soon.