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Does what the title says, removes the ugly dirt that gets stuck on your face after you load a vampire character save.

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Replaces tintmasks (dirt) textures for both genders.

Note: This replaces all the three tintmasks with empty textures so you won't be seeing any NPC's face covered in dirt anymore, side effect.

Q: What's different from the original mod?
A: The original only replaced the dirt for "headdirt_01", this however, replaces for all three "01, 02, 03".

Q: Why?
A: Cause only making one dirt texture blank wasn't working.

Q: What does this do again?
A: Removes the ugly dirt added to your character after you become a vampire. [Sometimes the dirt is not visible in vanilla game, but after loading the same save, the dirt pops up, this will fix it].

Original Author Credits: ssvx.
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