Books Ga-Lore - Volume 1 - Bosmer Slang by davetheshooter
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Books Ga-Lore - Volume 1 - Bosmer Slang

This is a simple mod that adds a humorous book into the world.  As you can guess from the title of the mod, there could eventually be more than one book, and they will be loosely connected to ES lore. Volume 1 focuses on our cute and cuddly Mer friends from Valenwood. 

Bosmer are known for many things, but foremost of these is the Green Pact and the Meat Mandate.  And there is nothing funnier than a spot of cannibalism (erm......). One other common association of the Bosmer is the use of London/Cockney accents in-game/in-world.  If there is one thing that Cockney folk are known for, it's rhyming slang (apples and pears: stairs, etc.), which is a humorous form of colloquial expression. 

So, here is an overly long attempt to provide the wanderers of Skyrim with some inside knowledge about the Bosmer and their common expressions/slang - on eating habits and some new ES rhyming slang.

If you don't find it funny, I apologise in advance (although I don't apologise for using Comic Sans in this description).  You can just take the skill point (speech) and ditch it.  If you do find it funny, please endorse/comment/vote etc., and I might find inspiration to write some more.


Where would you find a well-researched tome of knowledge?  The Arcanaeum of course!
See pictures above.


Bethesda (of course)
Lefthandshake (for seeding the idea in my twisted mind - she's on Twitter)

Telthar (for testing - he's on Twitter)