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Adds a few guards to Riverwood. Works with JK's Riverwood.

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This mod, like the other of its name, adds a few guards to Riverwood. 

The other, original mod, is here.

Unlike the other, this will work with JK's Riverwood, as it adds an underground barracks, accessible from behind Faendal's house.  The guards are also CW factioned now, like the vanilla guards.  If the hold switches to Stormcloak, the Imperial - allied guards will be replaced by Stormcloaks.

There are 6 guards, 3 per shift of 12 hrs.  They "patrol," an irregular beat, by sandboxing a very large area, rather than programmed patrols.  I have found them fishing on the docks, leaning around by the sawmill, up on the walkways above the gates, and out back feeding the chickens.  This is to give it that sleepy, small town law enforcement feeling. 

The vanilla guards, sent by the Jarl, are totally separate and will not enter/use the barracks.  I didn't want the potential for conflicts. 
The original Riverwood Guards mod should work with this one, if you don't have JK's Riverwood installed, though that will make for a whole lot of guards hanging around.

Installation:  Simply drop the .esp into your data file. There are no .bsa files.  Guards wear whatever the normal guard outfits are, either vanilla or set by some other mod you may use.

Conflicts:  None known.

Known issues:  Possibly because of the sanbox nature of their AI packages, the guards sometimes will not change shifts until you come to town.  I suspect this is the same force that causes the vanilla guards to always be walking from their starting point, outside the town.  Short of piling on travel scrips, I don't know of a simple fix for that.

Cleaned with SSEEdit 3.1.3