Guards of Skyrim - College Guards by thumbincubation
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Added: 12/08/2017 - 06:10PM
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Last updated at 20:18, 13 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 18:10, 12 Aug 2017

This mod adds four (4) guards to the College of Winterhold.  The guards wear custom chainmail-armored robes, carry custom College shields and swords, and sleep in a bunkroom, in the Hall of Attainment.   They work 12 hr shifts, and will sandbox at/around their posts.  After work, they will eat, sandbox, and sleep.  They are civil war neutral and are members of the College of Winterhold faction.

This is a new version, so USSEP is no longer required.   Cleaned with SSEEdit 3.1.3

Manual install: Drop the .esp and both .bsa files into your data folder and use LOOT to sort.  The mod is lightweight, so there should be no script issues. 

Conflict:  This mod adds bed space inside the 2nd floor of the Hall of Attainment, as well as a little bit of lighting at the foot of the bridge, and a lean marker for the guard.  No navmesh, quests, or other NPCs are affected.  If you have a mod that changes the Hall of Attainment, you may see some conflict.

* If you use Arthmoor's Cutting Room Floor, this mod has been designed around it, including the bed spaces. The sole College Guard reintroduced by Cutting Room Floor will still appear, and is untouched by my mod. His bedroom is left alone, and the new guards' bunkroom is in the storage room next door. 

The College Guard's Sword is a mesh mashup, using Leanwolf's iron sword and sheath.  I've attached a copy of his permission page.  Please credit Leanwolf, if you reuse the sword.

Note: The boots and gauntlets in the screenshots are from a replacer mod. The guards wear standard steel plate boots and gauntlets.