Glass Bow of the Stag Prince - Merchant Fix and Stronger Blessing by Lyu
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If you have ever tried to play with the Glass Bow of the Stag Prince, you know that getting Falas Selvayn to sell you the bow is quite the ordeal.
There are several guides on youtube on how to do this and even on the unofficial wiki there is an entry for just that.
I just wanted him to sell it to me. So I "fixed" him.

I also thought that for a hunter character the bow was actually quite strong early to mid, but quite weak late game. So I also scaled up the blessing given by the bow to go up to a 150 bonus to magicka, stamina and health.

How it works:
It is actually a really simple mod. All I did to "fix" Falas Selvayn was to add an Ebony Sword to his inventory. Since he is flagged to prefer melee weapons over ranged ones he will spawn with the sword equipped instead of the Glass Bow of the Stag Prince. This way he sells the bow without problems.

As for the improved blessing, I did not change anything regarding the initial strength of it. Up until +25 stats or 80 animals killed the blessing behaves just like vanilla. Above that the blessing scales further with every 20 animals killed giving another +5 to magicka, stamina and health just like it does below that point.
That means, that to get the full 150 bonus you will need to kill 580 animals, something that will realistically only happen later in the game, unless you decide to grind animals (which I would not advice unless you are playing a hunter character).

This mod requires only Skyrim and the Dragonborn DLC.
As always I recommend using the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.

Mod Manager:
Install the mod with the mod manager of choice and activate it. 
Disable the mod to uninstall.

Download the mod and extract the wanted esp into your Skyrim SE Data folder.
…\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data
To uninstall the mod delete all the files provided by this mod from the Skyrim SE Data folder.

This mod is obviously incompatible with any mods that edit the Stag Prince Blessing or Falas Selvayn directly. Any changes to the actual bow ARE compatible!

Known Issues:
Sometimes Falas Selvayn does carry two Bows of the Stag Prince when installing the mod on a save game after you have already visited Solstheim. So far I have not been able to solve this issue.

Special thanks go to:

fadingsignal for his tutorials and his general awesomeness.
zilav and everyone working on xEdit. This tool has grown to be my go to modding tool as of late. If you want
patches or want to create a mod, seriously check this tool out first!

Also thanks to MistValkyrie for the amazing Sovngarde Font! If you like the font in my banners go over there and give them some love!

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SSE Creation Kit