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New stonewall terraces that replace the vanilla models with earth retaining walls comprised of individual chiseled stones.

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Say goodbye to blobby vanilla stonewall terraces.

BUT: It is debatable whether or not these are lore friendly since they are of finer construction in appearance and will thus change the aesthetics.

A before and after comparison (right click and open in a new window to enlarge):

Replacing low-poly vanilla assets with 3d geometry requires more geometry, and this mod does come with a performance consideration. My models use roughly ten times more geometry than vanilla models which by itself does sound completely bonkers but keep in mind that the vanilla meshes are super low-poly. To put things in perspective the most dense mesh of the set has a polycount of three to four larger trees, and usually these models only appear in limited numbers.

In any case, if you're looking to maximize performance then I'm afraid this mod is probably not for you.

I have tried my best to maintain the proportions of the vanilla assets so these should hopefully work with pretty much anything but I admit I haven't checked everywhere so please don't hesitate to let me know in case you spot any oddities.

The mod only comes with models and no plugin so no cell changes.

I'm making use of vanilla collisions and they can be be a bit iffy, but workable. I may update the collisions later should they come back to haunt me.

Parallax is enabled for the land pieces that the terraces come with but not for the stones themselves since it wouldn't do much good anyway.

Installer has an option to disable parallax for the land pieces as well.

By default, the mod uses my custom textures that match the style of my other mod Nordic Stonewalls.

In case you want to match the look of the stonewall terraces to some other asset, it's possible to replace the textures. A typical tiling texture will work.

The textures used are as follows:


Thanks to anyone using my mod!

My other mod in the series: