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Skyrim Special Edition Alchemy Calculator - Desktop App, .NET

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This is Alchemy Calculator app for Skyrim SE (With All DLC's + Unofficial Skyrim SE Patch).

I've remade my Skyrim Requiem Alchemy calculator to work with vanilla ingredients and perks, because I got sick of waiting for SKSE64 and wanted to play through Skyrim SE for once.
Basically - I've made this mostly for myself, but if it's useful to me, someone else might find it useful too.

I know, there are gazillions of Alchemy calculation sites and mobile apps.
But this one comes with companion mod, which adds "Scribe Ingredients" alteration spell to player spell book. What it does - it writes (to log file) player alchemy levels, perks and list of ingredients player is carrying. Later calculator can read exported data. This saves a lot of time trying to do that by hand.

Companion spell requires you to have all DLC's and in this load order:
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
<Any other mods, including IngrScribe.esp>

Important: For companion spell to work you need to enable papyrus debug logging, in your
%My Documents%\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Skyrim.ini
edit or add these settings:
Later, after you used the spell - press on "Load Scribed" button in Desktop App, it should load all data.
Spell takes some time to work (5 - 20 sec), especially if there are a lot of other mods - wait for "Finished scribing ..." message.
If desktop app is not loading ingredients, check if AlchemyLog.0.log exists in folder "%My Documents%\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Logs\Script\User".
You can try to create this folder and use the spell again, some users reported this worked for them.
You might be prompted to navigate to your log location.

Note: After you install a program, you should find ReAlchemy icon on your desktop. To uninstall - use usual windows tools. Always uninstall old version before installing a new one.

To populate list with recipes use big fat "Find Recipes/Update" button on the left-hand side. After updating ingredients or player levels you have to press this button again for changes to be taken into account.
If you want to force log location dialog hold SHIFT and press "Load Scribed" button.
You can sort the list by clicking on column header, for example by value - to find out most profitable.
There are filters you can use (Show filters button at the top).

- Check for running instance and switch to it if found.
- Bug-Fix: When parsing numbers from log use only en-US culture, as other cultures (like Russian) have different number formats.
0.2.6432 - Fixed a bug, after importing ingredients/player Update button did not really refresh calculated magnitudes.