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Makes selected voice types whistle a tune for immersion. Lightweight and ESL flagged.

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A mod to make selected vanilla voiced NPCs whistle. Each supported voice type has their own unique whistle. NPCs added by other mods will automatically work if they use one of the supported vanilla voice types.

Supported voice types will whistle either a random 'tune' or a well known Skyrim tune. Some have special whistles that you'll have to listen out for.

Bards will usually be a bit more tuneful and have more of a repertoire. They'll also whistle more often than regular NPCs.

Ship's captains and their crews, along with ferrymen, will also whistle more often and will whistle more sea-related tunes. Carriage drivers also have their own tunes.

Bear in mind that not everyone is an expert whistler, the aim is realism.

Install like any other mod using your favourite mod manager. It is safe to install mid-game. It should be compatible with pretty much anything.


  • Beast races don't whistle.
  • Not many females whistle.
  • The mod is flagged as ESL so it won't take up a slot in your load order and is a very lightweight mod.
  • The mod was made with the older creation kit so is compatible with all versions of Skyrim SE/AE.
  • There are no subtitles for the whistling. If you would like subtitles there is a patch in optional files to add them.

The whistles have a random (configurable) chance of triggering every few hours in-game. The default chance is 50%, so every 12 hours, there will be a 50% chance of hearing a random NPC whistling. As mentioned above, bards, sailors and carriage drivers will whistle more often than every 12 hours.

You can alter the random chance by opening up the console and typing set jb1whistle to x - where x is the number you want (between 1 and 100). For example if you want 25% chance type set jb1whistle to 25 - the game will save this so you only need to do it once. If you want to see what the current percentage is type help jb1whistle in the console.

I think their mouth should open more/less/differently!

It is what it is. Best I could do and it's meant to be subtle and realistic.

I don't hear any whistles.
There's a vanilla bug with new dialogue sometimes not firing after installing a mod. If you don't hear any dialogue, just make a save and load it which should fix this if you encounter it.

Why do I need MFG Fix?
It's needed to make the NPCs open their mouths.

Can you make them whistle (insert your request here)?
Probably not.

Can you make them louder/quieter/change something else I don't like?


MFG Fix - make you sure install the right version for your game executable. You may also need MFG Fix NG for newer Skyrim versions.

Shadowman2777 for help and support with testing.

Whistle Sounds
Eleven Labs AI SFX