Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

A small settlement with Inn, Bakery, General Store, Stables, Smithy, Apothecary, Lighthouse, Fishery, Player Home, Bunkhouse for followers and weekly market Vendors.

Permissions and credits
  • German


SeaPoint Settlement is a wonderful little settlement, with friendly people that includes:

Update: The settlement now includes a guard house with jail and voiced guards!
SeaPoint Sentinel guard - Eldrion Lorelock - voiced by Kyle Goodbrand
SeaPoint Sentinel guard - Faran Riverlake - voiced by Balkan Farage
SeaPoint Sentinel guard - Andraya Blackwell - voiced by LeianneG
SeaPoint Sentinel guard - Thaz Mar - voiced by LeianneG
** Peppers now yield 3 peppers per plant

• SeaPoint Bakery
• SeaFarer Inn
• SeaHorse Stables and Smithy
• The Treasure Chest - general store
• Ye Olde Sea Hag - apothecary
• SeaPoint Lighthouse
• SeaPoint Fishery
• Two weekly rotations of market vendors (every Sundas)
• Two market vendors who are master trainers
• SeaView Lodge - player's home that can be purchased and furnished
• SeaView Bunk house - follower bunkhouse that can be purchased - and allows changes in the décor


• Skyrim up to date

** Credit for voice acting - Faran Riverlake - Balkan Farage
** Credit for voice acting - Eldrion Lorelock - Kyle Goodbrand
** Credit for towel models - Insanity Sorrow
** Credit for Ingredient jars - Oaristys
** Credit for Apple Trees and Garlic models - ChickenDownUnder
** Credit for Tableware - Lilith
** Special Thanks to Teabag86 for all the help finding dialogue!
** Thanks to Serevanth for suggestions on containers and torches
** Special Thanks to Eli - for keeping me going!