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Adds a complete weapon and jewelry set, partial armor set, and a spell.

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If you like purple this mod may be for you...

Adds a complete weapon and jewelry set, and a partial armor set. The armor is partial because the lace gloves and panties are female only, and the male armor is only the low weight version. The panties are a seperate armor piece because they are flagged as a helmet so the light armor perks that deal with a complete set of armor functions. Ofcourse I couldve added an invisible helmet or even make a normal helmet but I didnt want to, plus magic panties! Who doesnt like magic panties?! lol.

The weapons, panties and shield comes in both enchanted and unenchanted versions. They cannot be unenchanted though, the weapons use several different versions of the same enchantment because of a visual effect on the weapon has to be custom for different weapons... they are not a one size fits all effect.

The mod also includes 2 new factions, Witchblades and Witchblade Outcasts. Kinda generic factions they don't really do much except wander about. Ones good and ones bad. The good ones can be found in the major cities and many inns or wandering from their home base called Witches Rest to 5 of the cities. The Outcasts are stationed in the Abandoned Prison and there are 5 patrols wandering about for random encounters.

The spell is my Death Flames spell and the weapons all use a variation of it for their enchantment.

The weapons, jewelry, spell, and armor can be bought of forged at Witches Rest, the vendor is a Khajiit on the top of the tower. They can also be forged at the Abandoned Prison. And ofcourse the Witchblades found in the game use them. Yes they can only be forged at the 2 special forges, No I wont be changing that. There is all crafting stations available for any crafting you may do there.

This is meant to be endgame(level 40+) gear, the weapons are slightly better than Daedric, the spell is pretty powerful, the jewelry and shield enchantments are good, and the weapon enchantments are decent. Since it is endgame you may want to run away from any outcasts you find if you are low level or just happen to be unlucky enough to escape Helgen and theres two of them outside the cave exit when Alduin flies over.

Making gear for my personal character and it becomes this mod...

Skyrim version: Witchblade Armor and Weapons

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V1.0 Initial release

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Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- by Ousnius and Caliente .
May be incompatible with anything that changes the same cells.


Use NMM.

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1. Unzip/unrar to any location.
2. Copy the extracted contents into your Data folder.
3. Add the esp to your load order.

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Free to use in your mod.
Credits must be given.


Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- by Ousnius and Caliente .
CDProjekt Red.

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