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Gives 10,000 gold for destroying the dark brotherhood instead of 3,000.

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The Dark Brotherhood is a blight on Tamriel and you have decided that you cannot allow such monsters to live. You kill their leader and are given a mission from Commander Maro himself to destroy the vermin.
(Just ignore the fact that you murdered an old woman to get this far, but, you know, details...)

You risk life and limb to slay the murderous beasts and what do you get for all your trouble? A piddly 3,000 gold.

This mod more than triples the amount of gold you earn, giving you 10,000 gold for ridding Tamriel of one of the most evil organizations to ever exist.

You still get better rewards for going with the Dark Brotherhood, I just thought the reward for destroying it was a bit too small.

My apologies to fans of the Dark Brotherhood.