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If you use Coins of Tamriel V2, you'll notice the ground flickering in Gyldenhul Barrow's treasure room. This mod fixes that.

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Fixes the flickering ground in Gyldenhul Barrow when using Coins of Tamriel V2. The specific plugin is set as master, no other versions of the mod cause this issue as far as SSEdit showed me.

Specifically, the rotation of a part of the ground is not correct compared to the Dragonborn DLC original record, which causes the flickering. This mod sets the rotation to its original value.

Super niche fix because it bothers me to see in a room that is supposed to pump my dopamine. I didn't check if that happens somewhere else, but there is a grand total of two places where the coin piles are used, and this is the one where I noticed the issue.

Gold piles are from Stacks of Septims - 3d Coin Piles and Stacks of Septims - 3D Coin Piles - My patches SE by Xtudo.

Can be installed and probably removed mid game, it just changes that one ground object. Flagged as esp-fe/light so it doesn't eat a plugin slot.