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If we take a look at some things in the game, we can see that a home costs about 5k gold, an enchanted weapon around 1.5k, a bit of food 10 gold and a damn daedric artifact about 500 gold?

So you walk off and kill those bandits who are giving lots of trouble and killing the local townsfolk. Reward: 100 gold. Ok.
You get rid of that big Giant swinging his bone around and sending people on the moon with it, because the locals get in his way. Lots of trouble. Reward: 100 gold.
Ok, ok... see where this is going?
Slay that dragon thats a HUGE threat that burns down villages. Reward: ... half a gold coin.

So yeah. This mod basically sets the rewards as follows:

Bandit Camp Clearance: 1k gold.
Forsworn Camp Cleanace: 1.5k gold.
Giant Slaying: 2.5k gold.
Dragon Slaying: 7.5k gold.

Whats worth more? A little shack in Whiterun or getting rid of a firespitting killing machine?
You decide lol.

Install with NMM or manually. Doenst require anything, really. Only this file x)