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Adds new standalone armor inspired by Dark Fantasy. (ESL Flagged, 4K Resolution)

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This mod adds a standalone custom made armor set inspired by Dark Fantasy.

The armor all share almost the exact same stats and recipes as vanilla Ebony armor, which means you craft them at a forge under the Ebony section! (Or use console commands/AddItemMenu)

Armor in game is named ''Hircine's [Armor Piece]''. 

No HDT SMP on this mod, Males and Females have custom meshes. Textures are all 4K Resolution! If anyone wants there to be a HDT SMP version, message me and we can discuss!

There is 1 main file for this mod.

Read credits and permissions please.

"The Stag Prince, also known as Hircine, is the Daedric Prince of The Hunt. His worshippers revel in the chase, and those blessed with lycanthropy are even permitted to hunt with him for eternity." - Load Screen

Stalk forever within his Hunting Grounds.

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