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Adds new merchants into the game spread out in various locations.

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More Merchants Mod

This mod adds more merchants to the vanilla game with no DLC's required.
Currently there are 10 new NPC's Spread out in the world 

  • Solitude Market Stalls
  • Morthal House Areas
  • Riften (near alchemist shop/ratway) 
  • Whiterun Market Stalls
  • Falkreath Gates
  • Ivarstead (across stone bridge)
  • Riverwood Camp Area
  • Rorikstead (near Rorik Manor)
  • Ragged Flagon Cistern (Thieves Guild HQ)
  • Winterhold (Theres a new added building called the Winterhold Trader and the NPC is inside)
This mod adds 10 new unique named NPC merchants to the game. Each merchant is 
different from the other. Some Merchants can train you in skills such as smithing and restoration
alongside having unique clothes. Every NPC is lore friendly and wont ruin immersion at all
and does not effect the game in a drastic way. 
General Info:
This mod is generally compatible with most other merchant trader mods as well as some body mods.
If you are getting a black face issue try re-installing the mod then checking to see if any body mods are
affecting it and try re installing those while you have the merchant mod installed.
Reccomended Mod:
I would reccomend having Rich Merchants of Skyrim Mod
as it helps out a lot!
To Install Manually:

go to Skyrim Data folder and add the esp file  there!
Please give me any suggestions you have ill be sure to add them in 
as i go. Please note that this mod is still very new and is being worked on.
Also if anyone could help me out with some pictures as im not very good at editing 
it would be a great help.