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Uses the meshes from Better Skyrim Wolves on the Cyrodiil Wolf/Timberwolf

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Replaces the meshes from Beyond Skryim Bruma wolves with the edited mesh from Better Skyrim Wolves by Thoth6222
Makes the wolves look better and keeps the Beyond Skyrim Bruma textures for their wolves.
All the work was done by Beyond Skyrim Bruma team as well as Thoth6222, all I did was edit the nifs in nifscope to point to the Bruma textures.

If you are here you likely are using Beyond Skyrim Bruma and this is one of the best mods I've ever played. I felt so immersed and the nostalgia from playing Oblivion hit me. I can't wait until the rest of Cyrodiil comes out. This Mod wouldn't be possible without them.

I highly recommend using the Better Skyrim Wolves mod for regular Skyrim as well, it makes the regular wolves look pleasing with the husky shape with wolf textures instead of the vanilla meshes. I've been using this mod myself since the day it came out and it looks so natural I forgot all about it until I started playing Beyond Skyrim Bruma and I was like what are these wolves ? lmao I forgot that I had better looking wolves from a mod and just assumed it was naturally Skyrim because of how awesome the simple change was. Anyway you really should use Better Skyrim Wolves if you aren't already though technically its not needed to use this mod.