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AshtorethH - My version by Xtudo

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My patches, fixes and tweaks for this amazing armor mod. Extra Colors. Optimized 4K-2K-1K textures. Non-HDT version. Thieves Guild Armor replacer.

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Author Ashtoreth - My patches by Xtudo


My patches, fixes and tweaks for the amazing mod made by Ashtoreth.
Any suggestion? Please let me know.

Fixes and Tweaks
  • Removed the ArmorGauntlets keyword from the Cape, Hood, Leg Guards, Pants, Pauldrons and Skirt records.
  • Removed FSTArmorLightFootstepSet from the Hood, Leg Guards, Pants, Pauldrons and Skirt Armor Addon records.
  • Added ArmorHelmet to the Hood record.
  • Minor adjustments to the Crafting Recipes.
  • Added Temper Recipes.
  • Renamed some items, to a more lore-friendly approach.
  • Minor adjustments to prices.
  • Edited Boots, Coat, Bracers and Hood so the Light Armor Custom Fit Perk works as intended.
  • Edited Cape, Leg Guards, Pauldrons and Trousers so the Light Armor Matching Set Perk works as intended.
  • Added "Warm" keyword for the Survival Mode.
  • Fixed artifacts and lighting bugs to the human hood hair.
  • Added scalp hairline to the human hood.
  • Added full beast races support to the hood.
  • It will replace the original "[Ashtoreth] Duskrogue Armor.esp" file. ESP flagged as ESL, that will work with any Skyrim version.
  • It's fine to install mid-game, you won't loose any already crafted item.
  • 100% compatible with mods that change the body type, like the BHUNP version by TectonicLeader.

Optional Files
  • Fixes with Extra Colors. "Obsidian" details color added. The default version was renamed "Umber". You can update mid-game, you won't loose any already crafted item. But if you go back to the default version, you will loose the new color items. HDT and body type mods are 100% compatible.
  • Optimized Textures. 4K (original size), 2K and 1K versions available.
  • Boots non high heels patch. Only meshes. Install it last of all.
  • Non-HDT version. Fixes, Boots non high heels and Extra Colors included. Leg Guards for Skirt added, to avoid clipping. It's fine to install mid-game.
  • Thieves Guild Armor replacer. Non-HDT. It will replace the 4 female versions, default, leader, alternative and the one Kalimba wears. All with different colors and accessories. I didn't replace the ground items, because the game uses the male versions. Standalone. Only meshes and textures, so it can be installed/uninstalled at any time without any problem. If you install it together with a Main file some textures will be duplicated, but don't worry, it's expected. 
  • Thieves Guild Armor replacer HDT-SMP patch. Requires one of the Optional TG Armor replacer files installed first.

I made it for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it.

- LE version here.

Credits and Requirements

Especial thanks
  • To AshtorethH and my lovely Patreons and supporters.

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