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Some changes to make unique items less forgettable and more useful. Also makes every robe, hood, and some helmets, able to be worn with circlets.

Permissions and credits
I modified almost every unique item. If I didn't modify "x" it's because I didn't consider it needed any changes. Or I could have overlooked it. If you see something missing please tell me. To see a thorough list, check the readme.

The changes are meant to be lore-friendly and balanced, not interested in ridiculously OP items, there are easier ways to get bored. 

I increased the value of pretty much every unique item. Because, you know, unique.

I also modified robes, some helmets, and hoods, so they can be worn with circlets or masks.

Also, the descriptions on the items and effects might be a bit messy at the moment. I will make them prettier and neater in time.

Here are some examples:

Ysgramor's Shield

I wanted to give it a similar theme to Wuuthrad so now:

- Damage received by elves reduced by 20%.
- 30% magic resist.
- Extra 40 points of health.
- 50% extra stamina regeneration while blocking.

And IF you're a Nord:

- 5% shout cooldown bonus.
- Block 20% more damage.


The artifact was pretty good already, but I made some modifications worthy of the Hammer of Might.

Will need a Daedra heart to temper it.
Increased weight to 33.
Increased damage to 27, one below Dragonbone Warhammer. It has more DPS nonetheless, as it is faster.
For some reason this weapon was less staggering that every other warhammer in the game. I fixed that. Now it's the most staggering weapon in the game, by a small margin.
Critical damage increased from 0 to 13.
Unlimited charges.

Added a chance to paralyze your foes for 2 seconds, like in previous games. It's a custom effect with a 15% chance of paralyzing a foe, 10% less likely than the base paralyze enchantment. I choose to reduce the chances for balancing purposes, as the weapon will never run out of charges.


The original enchantment (70 stamina) was ridiculously poor for an object which is supposed to be very powerful.
Instead, it gets this:

50% more stamina regeneration, 70 more stamina, 20% shout cooldown reduction and power attack damage increased by 15%. That's more fitting for a mask called Rage.

Note: To benefit NPC users, as they do not benefit from the added perk that boosts power attack damage, it increases one-handed damage and two handed damage by 15% (does not affect the player).

Staff of Magnus

Now it absorbs 40 points of magicka per second. If the target ran out of magicka, it will drain 30 points of health per second.
Also, you don't have to stop casting and cast again to start absorbing health, fixed that issue.

Increased the number of charges to 18000. Hey, seems fitting for the God of Magic.

Added "Magnus Supremacy". While wielding it, you will get:

10% of spell cost reduction.
10% of spell potency.
10% chance of absorbing incoming spells.
70 extra points of magicka.
50% extra magicka regeneration.

Note: The Blessing will only work on you.

Blade of Woe

Drawing inspiration from the Oblivion version, I made the following changes:

Weapon speed increased to that of the rest of daggers.
Six times more charges to spend.

The new enchantment:

25 points of Health Absorption.
25 points of Magicka damage.
Creatures up to level 12 will lose the will to fight.
Health absorption increases by 5 every time the enemy goes below 75%, 50% and 25% health.

Harkon's Sword

Increased weapon damage from 8 to 12.
Increased stat absorption to 20.
Increased amount of charges to 5000.
Added increased chance to strike a critical hit.
Swing the sword 20% faster.

If you are a vampire, it will give you a minor vampiric cloak when you're in combat.

Auriel's Bow

As powerful as a Dragonbone bow.

Does 20 points of sun damage to all targets, 60 to undead. Works only if not using Bloodcursed arrows.
Critical damage set to 10.
If you're a vampire, it won't do sun damage, rather, it will do 30 points of bloodcursed (magic) damage to anything it hits, if not using sunhallowed arrows.

There is a 15% chance a killing arrow will trigger an 80 feet explosion that will turn all but the most powerful of the undead in the vicinity for 15 seconds, cause 50 extra points of sun damage and stagger them all.
Works only if not using Bloodcursed arrows.

Sunhallowed and Bloodcursed arrows are of dragonbone quality.

 - Sunhallowed arrows do 20 points of sun damage to anything around the point of explosion, 60 to undead. The explosion loses its power if wielder is a vampire. If shot at the sun, sun bolts will fall from the sky for 30 seconds and will do 25 points of sun damage to enemies ONLY, 75 points if undead.

- Bloodcursed arrows will also explode upon impact, absorbing 25 points of health of any creature in its radius (except automatons).
Only works if wielder is a vampire.
Eclipse effect unchanged.

Auriel's Shield

Armor rating increased to 40. It's the most protective shield in the game now, armor-wise, perhaps only outranked in physical damage reduction by shields boosted with a Block enchantment.

Following its lore, I added 50% fire resist, and 30% magic resist. It's damn protective, fire dragons won't do crap to you.

Weight reduced.

I reduced the amount of hits needed to trigger the Power Bash power as follows (was 5, 10, 15):

1st Stage: 2 blocked hits, does 5 points of damage.
2nd Stage: 5 blocked hits, does 10 points of damage, staggers more.
3rd Stage: 8 blocked hits, does 20 points of damage, sends enemies flying unless immune to the push effect.

White Phial

All versions of the White Phial cure poisons and diseases.

One-handed version is now a 60% bonus damage with all types of weapons for 2 minutes.

Sneak version gives you a 40% boost for 5 minutes and 2 minutes of invisibility.

Magicka version gives you 125 extra points of magicka, 100% extra magicka regeneration, and more powerful spells* for 10 minutes.

Stamina version gives 125 extra points of stamina, 100% stamina regeneration and 100 carry weight for 10 minutes.

Resist magic version gives 50% resistance to magic for 3 minutes.

Restore health version completely restores you and your health regenerates 4 times faster for 3 minutes. 

* Restoration, destruction and illusion spells are 25% more potent, conjuration and alteration spells 100% more lasting.


Shock damage increased to 40
Reduces Shock Resistance by 10% per hit, for 12 seconds, it won't reduce resistance if target already has a -50% weakness to shock or more.

Wearer has a minor shock cloak around when the weapon is out and the user in combat.
Changed base weapon to a nordic greatsword.
Faster and critically hits more often.

Miraak's Gear

Now it's all clothing. Everything was deleveled, including the gear Miraak uses in the actual fight. Yes, it's not the same.

Miraak: The original enchantment was a joke. Now the mask of the First Dragonborn gets this:

- 100 extra magicka
- 50% magicka regeneration.
- Adds 25 points of armor.
- 10% shout cooldown reduction.
- 15% cheaper destruction spells.
- Adds 5% of spell absorption to the robes.

Miraak's Gloves:
- Absorbs 15% extra magicka with your wards.
- Extra 40% more one-handed damage.
- Adds 5% of spell absorption to the robes.
- Adds 5 points of armor.

Miraak's Boots:
- Increased stamina by 60.
- Increased shock resistance by 30%.
- Adds 5 points of armor.
- Adds 5% spell absorption to the robes.

Miraak's Robes:
- Initial spell absorption is now 20%.
- Adds 15 points of armor.
- 50% extra stamina regeneration.
- 15% cheaper restoration spells, to aid with wards and survivability.

And, if you wear the full set (mask not needed), you also get the Spirit of the First Dragonborn:

- 20% extra shout cooldown reduction.
- Immunity to poison.
- 50 extra points of armor (100 total with the full set)
- 5% extra spell absorption (40% if wearing the full set)
- Destruction and Restoration spells are 15% more powerful and cheap.
- 10% extra one-handed damage.
- Magicka and Health regeneration increased by 50%.
- 20% more persuasive.

Nightingale Gear

Boosted armor rating a bit.

I modified this gear to increase the appeal of wearing the whole set. These are the changes:

Nightingale Hood: -30% Illusion spell cost. Grants Nightvision and waterbreathing. Extra 20% bow damage, 30% if wielding the Nightingale Bow.

Nightingale Gloves: Extra 25% pickpocketing & lockpicking skills. 30% more one-handed damage, 40% if wielding Nightingale blades.

Nightingale Boots: 75% muffle effect, 20% extra movement speed and 20% extra sneak if wielding the Nightingale Bow or Blade.

Nightingale Armor: 70 extra stamina, 25% extra stamina regeneration, 50% frost resistance.

That's not all, if wearing the full set you gain: 

- Illusion spells will be 15% more powerful and cheap.
- 10% damage with ranged weapons.
- 10% more damage with one-handed weapons.
- 50% magicka regeneration.
- 15% better sneaking.
- 25% faster stamina regeneration.

Nightingale Blade

Stamina and health absorption increased to 30.
Absorbs 30 magicka too if wearing the full Nightingale set.
15% faster.
Considered silent, like daggers.

Nightingale Bow

Does 30 points of frost and shock damage.
Slows enemies by 65%
15% chance to paralyze enemies if wearing the Nightingale Set.
Now it's as fast as a Dragonbone Bow.
More charges.

Take a look at the Readme if you want to see a complete list.