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Same as original but 102 npcs instead of 189. In general, adds more people to cities towns and villages while having a lighter impact on performance and load.

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Please ensure you download the correct version. There are 2 uploaded here, one for open cities and 1 without.



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All credit to Erkiel Team, the original authors.

(Republished by the SoT team with permission.)

   I was a great fan of Populated Cities. Unfortunately this mod use scripts and isn’t supported anymore. So I have created “PCTV”. Now each city, town and village in Skyrim has new respawnable, with own AI package and daily action NPCs. They walk, sit, go into shops, temples/Hall of Deads, explore, interact, work and so on. For lunch but more often during night a lot of them populate taverns and inns (all this without using scripts).
 More life into Skyrim! Long life to Skyrim!

Npc numbers compared to the full version are as follows:

Darkwater: 3 of 3
Dawnstar: 7 of 12
Dragonbridge: 4 of 5
Falkreath: 6 of 7
Ivarstead: 4 of 5
Kynsgrove: 4 of 4
Markarth: 10 of 20
Morthal: 5 of 9
Riften: 13 of 26
Riverwood: 3 of 5
Rorikstead: 3 of 5
Solitude: 18 of 33
Whiterun: 16 of 28
Windhelm: 11 of 19
Winterhold: 5 of 8