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Adds a rare new type of hostile mage and a few pieces of equipment

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Within the forests and fields of Tamriel, Bees are one of the most valuable and respected creatures that inhabit the land, their nigh infinite benevolence has lead many Druids and Mages to dedicate themselves to cultivating and protecting them. These mages often lose themselves out in the wild, becoming hostile and territorial, befriending bears with honey for extra protection. Due to their eccentric knowledge, they are extremely valuable assets for Apiaries and Meaderies, helping the bees grow and produce copious amounts of Honey.

Adds a small handful of Beekeeper mages to set locations for a bit of variety while adventuring. They attack with Poison Staves and Golden Sickles, quickly draining the health of any who disturb them.

There are three small clusters of them, most notably Honeystrand Cave is their main base of operations, but they can also be found at Goldenglow estate and a few are found around a strange new tree in Falkreath. A small handful can be found near bee nests across the wilderness.

They provide a tiny challenge, but moreover they help mix up exploration by adding mild interest to otherwise lacking areas.


-Beekeeper Mask and Robe

-Staff and Sickle

-Rare Honey healing potion