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I made this follower based on my father's looks. He passed away on April 10th 2015. This is me trying to immortalize him on one place where me and everyone who wants to, can visit him or fight with him by your side. Update: New Release add him on Sovngarde.

Permissions and credits
Hi everyone!

This is my first mod ever and I'm no expert on anything related to mods.
This is a basic follower witch I made for myself.
I'm uploading this on nexus because I wanted to contribute with the nexus modding community, witch has always helped me and made me feel better.

Maurício Domingos de Ávila was my father and Sergeant of the Brazilian Air Force.
He passed away this year (2015) on April 10th, he was 67 years old. 

I made this for my mother and sister, and for everyone who knew and liked him. We miss him so much, and this is my way of showing it. 

Skyrim is one of my favorite games ever, and I wanted someone in my game who I could trust with my life, so, who's better than my own father? :D

Update: I made another version of him on Sovngarde, where he stands with the rest of the other great warriors, and will not be a follower in this release.

Feel free to send screenshots of him on your game!

Follower stats:
Sgt Mauricio - Imperial - 1H Warrior - He has no spells, I wanted to make him more "real".
He now have healing, heal other and flames.
He has one handed, block, heavy armor and archery perks.
He doesn't affect the stealth/sneak meter.

He is level 10 and will level up with the player.

You can find him on Jorrvaskr(companions) on Whiterun.

It should be compatible with anything that doesn't change the inside of Jorrvaskr where he is placed.


Known issues: None at the moment, but please give me feedback if someone experience any issues.
Again: Keep in mind that this is my first mod and i'm still learning. Make a clean save before trying this mod.
And yeah, it's only 1kb of download. Vanilla Skyrim does have it's perks.


To do list:
  • Learn how to make custom armor and/or weapons for him.



Bethesda for TESV: Skyrim and Creation Kit.

Phoenixfabricio for porting this mod to Skyrim Special Edition, thanks a lot!
Go check his ENB. It's awesome.

Alex Omena - Renan Guilherme - Pedro Cairo - Thank you guys for testing the mod for me.

fadingsignal - Author of SkySight Ultra 4k Skins - Male Textures

Patch notes 1.0
Version. 0.1 - Alpha Release -

Version. 0.2 - Alpha Release .1 - Fixed his level, his missing hands and feet.

Version. 0.3 - Alpha Release .2 - Updated his appearance, he now have perks and more spells. Added male brute voice.

Version. 0.3.1 - Beta Release .1 - Add a new version of him on Sovngarde.