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Makes old people complain about the cold, grumble, cough, cry out in pain and say 'oh dear'. An all in one of three of my other 'old people' mods with some additional dialogue. ESL flagged and very lightweight.

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A mod to make any NPC with one of the four elderly voice types, the male coward voice type and the Dexion voice type say things that old people say.....because that's what they do.

This mod is an all-in-one version of three of my previous mods and also adds some more stuff, including more coughing and more complaining.

Every three in-game hours, one of the six voice types will do one of the following;

  • Say 'oh dear' or 'oh my' for no reason
  • Cough
  • Cry out in pain for reasons only known them to themselves
  • Say 'bah' for no reason
  • Sigh

If you approach them they will also do the following;

  • Say 'eh?' with a puzzled look on their face for no reason
  • Complain about how cold it is

The dialogue can differ depending on your location.  See the videos for a brief demonstration of some of the lines. Mod-added NPCs that use any of these voice types will automatically work.

The mod is flagged as ESL so it won't take up a slot in your load order and is a very lightweight mod.

The mod was made with the older creation kit so is compatible with all versions of Skyrim SE/AE.

There's a vanilla bug with new dialogue not firing after installing a mod. If you don't hear any dialogue, just make a save and load it which should fix this if you encounter it.

Install like any other mod using your favourite mod manager.

This mod replaces the following mods;

Old People Complain About The Cold
Old People Randomly Say Oh Dear
Old People Groan For No Reason


How often will I hear things?

A scene is triggered every three in-game hours. The scene will pick one sound at random for one matching NPC, so you will hear a cough, oh dear, groan etc by one NPC at a minimum of three hour intervals.

Should I uninstall the other mods if I use this?

Best practice is to not uninstall mods mid-save. That being said, there isn't anything in the other three mods that could cause game-breaking issues if you uninstall them. To be 100% safe I'd recommend waiting until you start a new game before replacing the other mods with this one.

I don't have the other mods, is this one ok to install mid-game?

Yes, this mod is perfectly safe to install mid-game.

What are the differences between this mod and the other three 'old people' mods?

As well as doing what all the other three mods does, I've adding coughing, more dialogue and expanded the male coward and Dexion lines to include the groans. There is a more consistent approach to how everything is done so there should be less repetition.