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Collection of script-free, simple tweaks and fixes to vanilla shouts and shout-related abilities.

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This is a collection of script-free, small changes to Shouts and abilities related to Shouts, to make them more useful. I made this for myself and I thought I'd share in case anyone is interested. I made this with Ordinator and the USSEP in mind (the latter is required).

Note that Shouts that affect others will be between 60% and 100% stronger if you have Ordinator and take the appropriate Speechcraft perk.

It also fixes some things that don't quite make sense and that weren't addressed by the Unofficial Patch, such as Whirlwind Sprint giving you Destruction skill experience.

Also, these changes will affect Shouts used by others, where applicable, so Draugr will slow you to a crawl with Frost Breath and ragdoll you repeatedly with Unrelenting Force (optional, can be disabled), dragons will decrease your regeneration with Drain Vitality, Miraak will do more damage with Fire Breath, and so on.

These are the changes so far:


Fire Breath

Cooldown reduced to 30, 45, 60 seconds.
Damage increased to 60, 80, 100, applied in two seconds.

Reduces fire resistance by 10, 15, 20, for 15 seconds, IF you have Dragonborn Flame. Does not affect Flame Atronachs, Ash Spawns or targets immune to fire.  No effect if targets have a weakness to fire below -40%. This does not affect the initial damage, but it will affect subsequent fire-based attacks. The debuff is affected by Magic Resistance.

Frost Breath

Cooldown reduced to 30, 45, 60 seconds.
Damage to health & stamina increased to 10 every second for 6, 8, 10 seconds.
Slow effect increased to 50%, 60%, 75% for 6, 8, 10 seconds.

Reduces frost resistance by 10, 15, 20, for 15 seconds, IF you have Dragonborn Frost. Does not affect the undead, Frost Atronachs or targets immune to frost.  No effect if targets have a weakness to frost below -40%. This does not affect the initial damage, but it will affect subsequent frost-based attacks. The debuff is affected by Magic Resistance.

Become Ethereal

Increased duration to 10, 15, 20 seconds.

Simply more duration for the second and third Word is boring. To me Etherealness means breaking your link with the physical world in increasing degrees, so besides the usual effects, you get:

- 1st Word: You move 25% more silently. 
- 2nd Word: You move 50% more silently and are 30% harder to detect. Waterwalking.
- 3rd Word: You move completely silently, are 40% harder to detect, waterwalking. Invisible if you have an Eternal Spirit.

All those effects are automatically broken if your Etherealness vanishes.

The Shout is now "Normal" instead of "Loud", but it's not completely silent. Spend perks points in the Illusion perk tree to make it completely silent.

Whirlwind Sprint

For some reason the third Word was less cooldown-efficient, which makes no sense, as the distance you travel increases by the same amount for every Word after the first. Cooldown now reflects such proportion: 20, 25, 30 seconds.

Added effects:

- For 5 seconds your attacks are 30-40-50% faster, your movement 30-40-50% faster, and your power attacks 25% more powerful. 

- 1-2-3 seconds of waterwalking, to be able to run some distance on water after your sprint.

The speed and power attack bonus of any word won't stack with other words or themselves, but will replace each other.

Note: If you don't use Attack Speed Fix, type in the console, without quotation marks: "set HasASF to 0"

Throw Voice

Cooldown is now 12-12-12 seconds. If you have Ordinator, with the appropriate perk, you can spam this shout to increase your damage and movement speed constantly in a really cheesy way. I increased the cooldown a bit to make that choice a bit more inefficient, but short enough to not be an inconvenient.

The only variable that changes with every word is the casting distance:

1st Word: 100 feet
2nd Word: 200 feet
3rd Word: 300 feet (previously the casting distance was always 250 feet)

This means that you don't need to press Z for as long if you don't need the extra distance.

Ice Form

Reduced cooldown to 50-65-95.

Given that the only factor that changes with every Word is the duration of paralysis, I considered unfair to add 30 seconds of cooldown to the 15 extra seconds of paralysis the second word gives, especially considering that the third Word has also 30 extra seconds of cooldown for 30 extra seconds of paralysis. So now the cooldown is directly proportional to the paralysis effect.

Clear Skies

For some reason the first Word is more cooldown-efficient than the rest. No more. For the sake of consistency, I reduced the duration of the clear skies effect of the first Word to 20 seconds. No other changes.

This shout dispels Storm Call and Alduin's Firestorm.

Storm Call

Decreased cooldown to 120, 180, 240 seconds.
Does not damage followers, though it may target them. A side effect of this is that the Staff of Jyrik Gauldursson won't damage your followers, as it uses the same magic effect. Bug or feature? Hmmm.

Call Dragon and Summon Durnehviir

Decreased cooldown to 5 seconds. Usable once per day.

If you want them to be more effective helpers, use mods that enhance dragons. I'm using my own dragon overhaul and Serio's Enhanced Dragons by serio420.

Animal Allegiance

Cooldown changed to 45, 60, 75 seconds.
Increased the level cap to 20, 25, 30.
Increased area of effect to 100, 200, 300.
Increased the duration to 60, 75, 90 seconds.

Kyne's Peace

Completely changed the Shout, because there was little advantage in using this shout over Animal Allegiance or Aura Whisper.

It heals 10, 20, 30 points of health and twice that amount of Stamina every second, for 10 seconds to you and every friendly NPC around you.

Marked for Death

Increased armor reduction to 50, 100, 150. The armor reduction applies only once per Shout.
The third Word can stagger enemies.

Reduces Magic Resistance by 5, 10, 15, for 20, 30 and 40 seconds, i.e all magic effects will be 5-15% stronger against them. No effect if targets have a weakness to magic below -30%. Does not affect initial damage, but it will affect subsequent magic-based attacks.

The second and third Word reduce Poison Resistance by 20-40% for 60 seconds. Will not work if the target is already weak to poison, undead, a machine, or immune to poison.

Ignores all resistances. To compensate this factor, the cooldown was increased by 10 seconds (30, 40, 50) and the damage over time decreased to 1-1.5-2 per second. So now it reduces Magic Resistance, Poison Resistance, armor and lifeforce no matter what (can be blocked with Wards, as usual).

Aura Whisper

Reduced cooldown to 20, 30, 40 seconds.
Increased area of effect by 50%.

This Shout is silent.

Call of Valor

Reduced cooldown to 75 seconds.

The summons were significantly improved. All of them level with you from level 30 to 60 (1.50 level multiplier), cannot be disarmed, get a bunch of relevant perks to fit their combat style, a special perk to boost the power of their shouts by 50%, have immunity to poison and disease (seems fitting giving that they are "spirits"), extra 25% frost and fire resistance, 50 points of armor, 15% resistance to magic and 50% resistance to melee damage and stagger from Dragons; they also stagger Dragons 25% more. They are also immune to paralysis and Ice Form.

- Gormlaith gets Nordic Carved Armor, sword and bow of Dragonbone quality (a simple longbow was almost insulting),  20 arrows of Dragonbone quality. Wider repertoire of shouts: added Fire Breath, Disarm, Ice Form. She is the most defensive of the three in terms of resistance to physical damage. Her sword absorbs 25 points of health, does 15 insubstantial damage (ignores armor) and 25 extra damage to dragons. Her bow does 10 points of shock damage and 70 points to dragons.

- Hakon gets Nordic Carved Armor and a Dragonbone Battleaxe.  Added Fire Breath and Frost Breath to his repertoire. He is the most damaging in melee combat. His battleaxe absorbs 25 Stamina, does 15 insubstantial damage (ignores armor), slows down for 10 seconds and 50 points of extra damage to dragons.

- Felldir keeps his greybeard outfit, with nordic gauntlets and dragonplate boots, and gets a Dragonbone greatsword. To compensate his poor armor, has a 50% chance to absorb magic, and 30% extra magic resistance, making him more fitting in battles against magic users. He also has the benefits of the "Fus" meditation. Added Fire Breath, Ice Form, Dismay and Disarm to his repertoire. His sword does 75 points of damage to Magicka, 15 points of insubstantial damage, slows down for 10 seconds and 25 extra points of damage to dragons.

In case you're wondering, yes, all of those shouts are voiced. The cooldown of their shouts is 75% shorter, so it is possible they'll use more than one in a battle.

Now hopefully it won't feel like a poor reward from Tsun for bothering to do something about Alduin and the whole World-Eating thing.
Remember that you can heal them, unlike most summons.

Note: The Sovngarde counterparts were left untouched.

Soul Tear

Reduced cooldown to 12, 15, 75 seconds.
Soul Trap effect lasts for 15 seconds.

Reanimated creatures function as permanent Dead Thralls (with the exception that they will be turned to ash when killed).

Turns out the first and second Word staggered enemies (without damaging them), like a "Fus", and with only 5 seconds of cooldown (!). That is unreasonable and easy to exploit, so I increased the cooldown of the first and second Words to 12 and 15 (the second staggers a bit more).

The third Word of Soul Tear now heavily staggers whatever it hits.

Also did you know this Shout ignores all resistances? I didn't.

Drain Vitality

Reduced cooldown to 30, 50, 70 seconds.

The first Word slows Stamina Regeneration by 50% for 20 seconds after the damage is done.
The second Word slows Stamina and Magicka Regeneration by 50% for 20 seconds after the damage is done.
The third Word slows Stamina, Magicka Regeneration by 50%, and Health regeneration by 100% for 20 seconds after the damage is done.

Debuffs won't stack with each other, but will replace each other,  if affected by a superior Word.

This debuff is also applied to the dragon version, which can be either a 50%, a 60%, or a 75%; in the case of health regeneration it's always either 100% or 150%. Lasts for 20 seconds after the damage is done. Affected by difficulty multipliers. Their version now also lasts for 10 seconds more and the power progression from the weakest Drain Vitality to the strongest has been streamlined.

Also did you know this Shout ignores all resistances? I didn't.


To make it SLIGHTLY less easy to stun-lock dragons, I increased the cooldown to 14, 16, 19 seconds.

So now you have 1, 2, and 3 seconds to shout at them again before they are allowed to fly again (assuming no cooldown reduction, that is). This is to make spamming the first Word less appealing. 

Ignores magic resistance and spell absorption, so the duration will always be the same, no matter how resistant to magic the dragon is or how much spell absorption it has. Only relevant if you fight with mods that modify their resistances or add dragons with such resistances (pretty sure none of the vanilla dragons have resistance to magic or spell absorption).


Increased level cap to 10, 20, 30.
Reduced cooldown to 35, 40, 45 seconds.

Will reduce the damage output of creatures able to feel fear by 10-15-20% for 20 seconds. Level caps are 20-30-40. The third word has no level cap if your Speechcraft skill is 100. Will not stack with each other but stronger words will replace the effects of weaker ones.

Bypasses all resistances.


Increased level cap to 15, 25, 35.

Unrelenting Force

Slightly increased the damage to 5, 10, 20. The push effect of the Strong Unrelenting Force is slightly more powerful.

The second word of the shout knocks most targets down (like a very weak Fus-Ro-Dah). This was made to compensate the little difference in power between the first and the second word. Thank you Galgana for the suggestion.

Warning: This will make all Draugr capable of knocking you down, even if they use the weak version of Unrelenting Force. Installing a mod to speed up the getting-up animation is highly recommended. You can disable this feature by typing in the console, without the quotation marks: "set DraugrPower to 0".

Elemental Fury

Increased weapon speed multiplier to 1.5, 1.8, 2.1
Increased duration to 15, 18, 21 seconds.
Reduced cooldown to 30, 35, 40 seconds.

Note: If you don't use Attack Speed Fix, type in the console, without quotation marks: "set HasASF to 0"

Bend Will

Decreased cooldown to 10, 60, 90 seconds.

Dragon Aspect

Duration increased to 10 minutes. This affects Miraak's version as well.

Upgraded the Ancient Dragonborn. Now it gets a few extra levels so he is a bit more skilled, gave him some perks to improve his combat and the damage he deals with shouts, lasts for 30 seconds (was 20 before). He wields a Dragonbone Battleaxe as well, that does 20 points of fire and frost damage, and extra 75 to dragons. His Shout cooldown was reduced by 75%.

Bonus power attack damage increased to 35%.

Drain Vitality, Cyclone and Soul Tear are boosted by this Shout. They will be 25%, 25% and 10% more damaging, respectively.

Multiplies the duration of Call of Valor by 10, so you can have a companion for the whole 10 minutes the shout lasts.

Increases by 50% the healing granted by Kyne's Peace.

The three Words grant immunity to Unrelenting Force and boosts elemental spell damage by 25%, the strength of wards by 25% and the duration of summoning spells and armor spells by 50%.

Battle Fury

Increased weapon speed to 1.5, 1.8, 2.1
Considerably nerfed the ridiculous duration to 40, 50, 60 and increased cooldown to 30, 40, 50. Now it's more of a situational thing, and not a "shout at the beginning of the dungeon and forget." 

Note: If you don't use Attack Speed Fix, type in the console, without quotation marks: "set HasASF to 0"


The Fire Within -> Increased the damage bonus to Fire Breath to 40%.

Eternal Spirit -> Health regenerates 300% faster while Ethereal. The original 25% barely made a difference as health regeneration is very slow. Now it is more meaningful. The third Word of Become Ethereal also makes you invisible.

Force Without Effort -> You get staggered 30% less and stagger others 30% more. Unrelenting Force does twice as much damage.


Dragonborn Frost -> Now besides the usual bonus, it will boost the damage of your Frost Breath and Ice Form by 30% and Frost Breath decreases your targets' frost resistance. See Frost Breath above for details.

Dragonborn Flame -> Now the Fire Wyrm scales with the player up to level 50 (1.25 level multiplier),  does 50% more fire damage, moves 3 times faster, and actually pursues enemies (and never neutral characters like guards), instead of hovering in place doing nothing. Fire Breath decreases your targets' fire resistance. See Fire Breath above for details.

Dragonborn Force -> Now besides the usual bonus, it will boost the damage of your Cyclone Shout by 20%. I thought it was appropriate, since it is a "force" type Shout.