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Immersive mod that Improves 42+ locations where you would expect to find working Crafting stations (Inc. Smelting, working camp cooking fires/pots) and re-adding the missing equipment.
Make some unique in appearance, Some new vendors (plus a New Haunted Smithy) plus Mini non-respawn save barrels.

Permissions and credits
Crafting Locations Improved
Special Edition

Skyrim Legendary Edition Here!
VR Compatible

Current Version: 4.6.6c SE

Let me know of areas I have missed that
you would like to see added

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What this mod does

Are you fed-up with running around a city or settlement, running from
Smithy to an Enchanting table or maybe you are out and about around Skyrim
and just want to find dang camp with a working cooking pot or usable bed
or wish these Bandits, Forsworn or Orcs would have the decency and
common sense to make a half decent crafting area.

Then be happy and rejoice in your running from pillar to post days are over
Now many more locations all over Skyrim (Citys, Villages, Orc Strong Holds,
Forsworn Camps and Hag Towers, Bandit camps, Random wilderness camps etc.)
have better equipped Crafting/Enchanting/Alchemical Areas.

Also as a bonus Random Wilderness camps that have working campfires and cooking
pots will now let you cook and sleep in the beds (if there are beds).

* * *

Smithing, Enchanting, Alchemical & Cooking
No changes have been made to the Skyforge so there is no conflict with
other Mods that change that area and No Nav Meshes were altered!

This list below is now far from complete, Many more Locations than thoughts
listed below have been added (Inside and Out)

Skyforge - No Changes for compatibility sake

Markarth - Enchanter Table
Riften - Enchanter Table & Smelter
WindHelm - Enchanter Table
WinterHold - All Smith/Enchanting Tools & Non-respawn Containers
Solitude - Enchanting Table & Smelter
Falkreath - All Smithing Crafting Tools (It's on the Hill at the side of City)
DawnStar - All Smithing Crafting Tools (On edge of City, North road I think)
Morthal - All Smithing Crafting Tools

Towns & Villages

Old RorkStead
Black Smith Merchant
Forge & Smelter
Armour Table, Grinding Wheel, Tanning Rack
Enchanting & Alchemical Crafting (In Smiths House)
Wood Chopping Block

Riverside Shack
Cooking Pot & Alchemical Crafting
Non-Respawn Barrels

Forge & Smelter
Armour Table, Grinding Wheel & Tanning Rack

A Smelter, Small Enchanting Station and Non-respawn containers

All Citys Smithy's now have 1-2 Non-Respawning Containers
(barrels or chest) unless stated

Stone Hills
Cooking Pot (On side of campfire)
Tanning Rack

Dragon Bridge
All Smithing Equipment


Orc StrongHolds
Dushnikh - Small Enchanter
Larcashbur - Small Enchanter
Mor Khazgur - Small Enchanter & Alchemy Station
Narzulbur - Small Enchanter & Tanning Rack


Skyhaven Temple
Outside Cooking Pot (On the Forge)

Azura's Shrine
Campfire & Cooking Spit
Enchantment Table

Robbers Gorge
Cooking Pot/Spit
Cooking Pot (On Side of the campfire)

Scaarthal (Exterior)
Cooking Spit
Basic Tents

SkyHaven Temple
All Crafting Equipment


Crafting to 4 Forsworn Camps & Redoubts

1) RedEagle Redoubt (Exterior)
2) Serpent's Bluff Redoubt (Exterior)
3) Hag Rock Redoubt (Interior)
4) Druadach Redoubt (Interior)

The Redoubts are a hard place to edit at times due to the numbers of
enemy's and having to leave a good sized space for you to fight in and some
things may not be as close as wanted, but it is there and not too far away!

Other Camps & Bandit Camps

FullMoon Camp
Knifepoint Ridge

Whiteriver Camp
FullMoon Camp

Knife Point Ridge
Riverwood Witch Camp
Bleakfalls Barrow (Internal)
Ruined Inn (nr Boethia's Shrine)

Boethia's Shrine
Un-Named Camp
Cooking Spit (Far North)

Darklight Tower (Exterior maybe Interior too)
Cooking Spit (Upper Exterior)

AngarVunde (Exterior)
Smiting & Smelting Kit
Cooking Pot

Rkund (Exterior)

? - Sorry forgot what I put there :P

Dead Walrus Camp on Ice (On North coast - Its has no name!)
Un-Named Camps x2

To Do
Other than a compatibility patch here and there I may leave this mod as is
and consider it complete but if I do have the time to come back to it I will be
only to -

a) Tidying up on areas
b) Maybe adding or Improving Crafting locations to a few bandit Forts or Holds
c) Adding 1-2 Crafting locations in Isolated Areas
d) Currently some NEW Smithies do not have a Smith

One will be added at a later date but only to the ones in City's or Towns

Arthmoors Expansion: Ivarstead
Immersive Armors
will overlap in minor ways with immersive citizens
and any mode that alters same world locations

* * *


The Adjustments that have been made are Immersion friendly
Meaning I have tried to only add things in the areas where you
would have expected to find them but for some reason
the Devs at Bethesda had not added them.


Update & News
(26th July 2017)

* * *

Compatible with Arthmoor's village expansion: Ivarstead

I moved the forge to a better location leaving his house
in it original location instead of making a patch for just one change and
 adding an extra esp to peoples load order.



Manual Install
Just Extract the .esp files from the ZIP Folder and Cut & Paste to
the [:/Steam/SteamApps/Common/SkyrimSE/Data] Folder
and make sure to tick the CheckBox in the NMM or SkyrimSE Launcher.

Nexus Vortex/ModManager Install
Download with the NMM and Install as normal

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