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O Skyrim Has Insane Traps or O S.H.I.T gives you more challenging adventure and new experience while you explore Skyrim dungeons by adding various new traps. Definitely not a NSFW mod.

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O Skyrim Has Insane Traps or O S.H.I.T places new traps to many dungeons in skyrim. Be careful while you explore Skyrim dungeon because one misstep can cost you your life.

This mod gives you new experience when you decide to replay skyrim again by adding various traps in dungeon. Traps used in this mod are:

1. Deadly caveworm: it lives underground, more likely to be underwater
2. Mimic chest: no one knows why it can be usually found near mage's places or old ruins
3. Rolling stones: always be careful when you explore a dungeon, because you can be crushed by a boulder
4. Whip: A reskin of apocrypa trap found in various places

1. Install Traps NTR mod
2. Skip the TNTR replacer and check the test plugin option at the end of fomod, the rest is up to you. You only need TNTR.esp, you can delete TNTR test.esp plugin (if you don't skip TNTR replacer the hand whip will be flipped->the alternative is to delete dlc2 folder inside meshes folder of Traps NTR )
3. Install this mod, overwrite TNTR.esp from previous mod with esp from this mod, because it has been esl flagged

There is some minigame while you get caught by mimic or caveworm, just push 'w' or up to get released by them. I suggest you not use any quickloot mod for a better immersion!

A: Yes, it is. The TNTR esp has also been esl flagged, so this mod won't take your plugin limit

Q: Safe to install midgame?
A: I assume yes, report if there is problem

Q: Can you edit some traps in.... ?
A: I am open to suggestion, this mod is not perfect, i would consider it if i have time, but feel free to make your own patch!

Q: Rolling stone trap only?
A: here: Boulder in Skyrim

Possible future Update:
  • Get caught by mimic and caveworm will make your armor unequipped or maybe destroyed
  • make mimic looks like real treasure chest when you use quickloot
  • better sound effect

If there is a more advanced modder know how to and willing to teach me how or want to make a patch, i would be very grateful.

Here is some preview:

Enjoy and Endorse if you like this mod!

1. Bakafactory for Mimic and caveworm traps from Traps NTR mod
2. Vicn for trap Rolling stone and whip resources