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=== Vanilla Skyrim version here ===


Optional 1.3 update live with more battle and dungeon tunes. As I am not sure if all people like to have them included, I uploaded it as an optional. Download it if you like. Official is still the same 28 tune version.

Preview all the new music here:

All tunes free to download on bandcamp

Extra Music Pack For Skyrim contains 28 new tunes for Skyrim to give more robust experience without taking away from the original experience. All of the tunes have been composed by me, finnish composer Matti Paalanen. I published some of my music as Oblivion music packs back in the day and they got really good response, so I think this pack will gain some popularity in Skyrim as well. If you are interested, just let me know and I can create more packs for Skyrim as well.

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You can download my music from here


This music adds extra music without touching the original soundtrack at all. It basically just injects some tunes to the playlists of outdoors, towns, inns and battles. The extra music files will reside in Data/Music folder that should be empty in vanilla Skyrim.

Just unpack the zip to the Data folder in your Skyrim directory. It will extract the plugin file and all the wav files under Music folder. Only problem might arise if some other music packs happen to have same filenames, then this pack is not compatible with your current addons and you shouldn't use this.


You might be able to merge this with other music mods with this tool: Mod Merging Tool - I haven't used it myself so I can't give better directions, but I hope it is relatively straight forward.


If you find that some tunes won't fit in and you don't want to edit the actual file in Skyrim Editor, you can replace the actual .WAV files in the Music folder with something else. If you keep the names intact, the mod will work as it is. You can either use some .WAV files from the mod itself by just copying and renaming them or use your own .WAV files.


Just check what wav files are included in the zip and delete them from the Data/Music subfolder of your Skyrim installation.


All of the tunes are part of Youtube Content ID system, so if you use this pack while you make game play videos, you'll videos might get tagged. It might be best not to use this pack while creating game play videos. However, if you still want to do youtube videos, there are two options:

1) let me know after you've published your video by contacting me through here and I can resolve the tag for you within 24-48 hours

2) you can leave the tag as it is and support me through the ad income and make me a happy composer!


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