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Dark and hidden vampire home in an old crypt of the original Dawnguard.

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Once a crypt for the original Dawnguard, now turned into a vampire lair.

  • Vampire Cattle for feeding: killing one will spawn another, up to 6 total
  • New Blood Transmuter station that allows you to craft blood potions
  • Toggle lights on and off
  • Toggle an additional room to serve as follower quarters: alter layout by toggling between beds, coffins, or benches
  • Unique smelter
  • Craft vampire armor, basic steel crossbows, and steel bolts at the forge
  • Custom and vanilla storage containers to suit your preference
  • 4 mannequins, 2 weapon plaques, 2 dagger display cases, 3 bookcases, and a single bookshelf  

Just south of Riften, down the hill from the Shadow Stone (see images). The home will appear on your map when you install the mod, but you'll have to discover it to be able to fast travel there.

How to open the secret armory room:
There are 3 small pressure plates behind the archery target in the armory. Hit the one that is farthest to the right. Arrows, bolts, and some spells (flames, sparks, etc.) can trigger the pressure plate. View the images section for a visual tutorial. Inside the room is a pull chain so you can close it without having to mess with the pressure plate again.

Complementary Mod | Human Enemies Drop Hearts and Flesh:
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Thanks to Bethesda for including this mod in the October Featured Mods (and for the Tweet)!

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Additional Platforms: PS4 XBox One PC