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Better Vanilla Trees? Sign me up! All-In-One tree overhaul package with enhanced Vanilla trees. Supports RAT, SFO Branches, SFO Snowy Pines, and more!

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Enhanced Vanilla Trees (EVT) is a mod that aims to enhance the vanilla experience. Though vanilla enhancement is at the core of the mod, we also provide a variety with optional branch textures from Skyrim Flora Overhaul and alternative trees from Realistic Aspen Trees and SFO.

Skyrim LE version: Enhanced Vanilla Trees

  • Enhanced 'Vanilla' Trees (see below for how we do this)
  • 'Lush' option, which double the amount of branches on the pine trees
  • Large tree options that are 50% larger than vanilla trees
  • Custom Trees that have the lower, leafless branches removed from their trunks and alternative trunk textures to be more visually pleasing
  • Support for Realistic Aspen Trees built in
  • Support for Vurt's Snowy Pines Trees from SFO built in
  • Optional pine branch textures created by Vurt from SFO
  • Optional greener bark textures (only for Custom Trees options)
  • Support for ENBSeries/ReShade/Weather mods that increase ambient brightness via darker trunks
  • (≤ v2.1.1) Pre-generated LOD included --Bad practice! LOD accurate only for the mod author's mod list!
  • (≥ v2.2.0) Pre-generated LOD NOT included (DynDOLOD 3+ required to generate tree LOD per best practice)

Through splitting the mesh and UV-remapping, the trunk texture is applied, vertically, around the tree trunk 2x to 3x more than vanilla. This results in less texture stretching, thus, allowing the texture detail to remain closer to its original quality. This technique does not result in any performance loss!

Besides having 2x to 3x the quality on all tree trunks, these higher polygon meshes also allow EVT to have more complex and detailed trunk shapes. Here is an illustration of the technique applied to the trunks:

As a side effect trees will have reduced branch animations. While the leaves on the trees are still animated, branch movement is not possible at this time. This is true for all tree mods that provide custom meshes. If this is an issue for you, do not use any mod that replaces tree meshes and stick to texture-only mods for trees. We might investigate in the future how to work around this limitation.

Following is a demonstration video of the animations that can be expected:

Tree Object LOD
Skyrim LOD (level of detail) allows distant terrain, objects, and trees to be seen by the player even when the cells are not loaded, making exteriors in the game much more visually appealing and realistic. Tree LOD can also be rendered as object LOD by DynDOLOD.

  • Native Skyrim LOD matches unmodded vanilla Skyrim ONLY (and is low quality).
  • DynDOLOD can be used to generate LOD matching the current mod list
  • When mod authors package LOD generated using DynDOLOD into their mods, this LOD matches their mod list at time of generation and is called "pre-generated LOD"
    • Pre-generated LOD based on pure vanilla + mod yields LOD that will be accurate ONLY for those NOT using any additional mods that affect exteriors
    • Most mod authors DO NOT create pre-generated LOD with only their mod active and no other mods active that affect exteriors
    • Pre-generated LOD is perfect for the person that generated it BUT NOT FOR ANYONE ELSE
  • The ONLY way to have LOD that matches a particular mod list is to generate LOD oneself. For example ...
    • If a mod author provides pre-generated LOD in it's most compatible form (only the mod author's mod is active during LODGen), then those using a mod that adds any object to the exterior worldspace will not have LOD for that object, which will simply appear out of nowhere once the cell is loaded (pop-in)
    • If a mod author provides pre-generated LOD with many other mods affecting the exterior worldpace active during LODGen, then those using a mod that adds any object to the exterior worldspace will not have LOD for that object AND will see distant objects that ARE NOT THERE and disappear when the cell is loaded (pop-out)

Represents a return to the original mod options as in v1.7.1-
  • Remade hybrid LOD models created using latest DynDOLOD 3 tools. Pre-generated LOD NOT included, per best practice.
  • DynDOLOD 3 compatible for those generating object LOD for their mod list.
  • Revived SFO darker-bark variants (Basic/Lush) and greener (Custom Trees) options retired in v2.0.0
  • Revived TreePineForest*03* enhanced vanilla tree variants retired in v1.9.0
  • Fixed most SFO models, which were referencing invalid partial texture paths
  • Added Peryite bird nest fix to plugins for Basic/Lush

This mod's plugin (ESP) is compatible with everything. It references and modifies existing vanilla records only and does not add any new records. The same plugin works for all versions and all variants of this mod.
  • Install one of the Main Files using the guided FOMOD installer.
  • Run DynDOLOD 3 (required for ≥ v2.2.0 but optional for preceding versions) - LOD instructions | DynDOLOD 3 support

Recommended DynDOLOD 3 'tree' mesh rules:
  • Ultra: LOD4/Level0, LOD8/Level1, LOD16/Level2
  • Performance: LOD4/Billboard4, LOD8/Billboard4, LOD16/Billboard(1) (looks VERY good and may be optimal for many)
  • Optimal: LOD4/Level0, LOD8/Billboard4, LOD16/Billboard(1)

Specific to file versions ≤ 2.1.0 ONLY (versions for those still using DynDOLOD 2)
  • DO NOT use the Main File
  • Install ONE Optional File with prefix #1
  • If installing the #2 or #3 Optional Files, take note of your choices from the #1 Optional File, as you will be required to duplicate some of them during the installation of the Optional Files.
  • Pre-generated LOD included for those that do not want to generate object LOD specific to the mod list/load order. See IMPORTANT above
  • To generate tree LOD specific to the load order, install the Billboards option in the installer, and run DynDOLOD2 (see Generating LODs article).
  • (optional) Install Alternative Branch Textures. Choose to overwrite or install it separately.
  • (optional) Install Alternative Trees. Choose to overwrite or install it separately.

EVT is only incompatible with mods having plugins that modify the same vanilla aspen and pine records. EVT will conflict with any mods that provide resources used by EVT meshes if those resources override EVT's versions. EVT provides 'loose-file' resources rather than a BSA, so as long as the EVT installation priority supersedes that of conflicting mods having same-named mesh/texture assets, the EVT assets will prevail.

Built-In Support
  • Realistic Aspen Trees - Optimized textures shipped with EVT
  • Skyrim_Trees_HD_Variation - Optimized textures shipped with EVT
  • 2D/3D Tree LOD generation by the end user is supported and recommended for all versions:
    • DynDOLOD 3+ - required for ≥ v2.2.0 - Highest-quality billboards generated by TexGen
    • DynDOLOD 2/3 - supported for ≤ v2.1.0 (DynDOLOD 2 requires EVT-shipped billboards, EVT-shipped LOD should NOT be used)

  • Grass/Landscape mods - EVT does not touch any grass or landscape textures.
  • All texture replacers are compatible with ≥v2.2.0 (override EVT with these mods' assets). LOD trees may not match for earlier versions if textures replace any used by EVT.

Know Conflicting/Incompatible

Video Showcase
Video from Skyrim LE. If you are willing to make a nice updated showcase video for SSE, let us know!

EVT together with some other mods, if you're a more experienced mod user.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you like this mod, please leave an endorsement! Leaving endorsements and comments is a good way to motivate mod authors to upkeep EVT. Screenshots and showcase videos are highly welcome!

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Credits & Maintenance
SomeRandomGuy83 (creator) retired from modding in early 2017 and published this page.

  • Scythe42 (LE-SE conversion)
  • TechAngel85 (LE-SE conversion & maintenance through v2.1.0)
  • z929669 (maintenance from v2.2.0 to date)
Mods/authors that have made EVT possible over the years: