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A bow which deals more damage depending on an enemy's magicka pool.

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This mod stemmed from my annoyance with mages in my game, and a desire to have a weapon (ranged, as I am a sneak thief) to deal with them.

Please note: I play on legendary difficulty, along with mods that increase enemy difficulty, combat difficulty, and just about everything else under the sun. As such, this may be slightly overpowered for some setups and on lower difficulties. That said, I've attempted to make this useful, without being overpowered. Sadly, while not lore-friendly, it is fun!

Currently this is a replacer of the Dwarven Black Bow of Fate. Instead of the chance to absorb health and/or stamina and/or magicka, you will now get the scaling damage effect. And let's face it; absorbing magicka with a two-handed weapon is pretty useless.

After some playtesting (read several hours, many enemies), I've come up with an even more balanced version (I hope). Damage now scales more slowly, but for a higher period. Old damage at 650+ magicka was 230, it is now 190. The new magicka cap is 900+, at 300 damage. I've added a 'resist damage' value to the health damage effect: a target that is more damage resistant should take less than full damage from the bow. Most mages do not have this due to wearing robes--more noticeable effect should be against dragons if you've modded them. Finally, it can no longer be upgraded at a sharpening wheel, and draw speed has been lowered to a more respectable 1.0--it should still safely provide the best DPS against any mage or enemy with high magicka, however, glitching enchanting etc. not withstanding. I recommend Ordinator and an alchemy overhaul mod to fix those issues.

Base Damage: 7
Weight: 10
Crit: 3
Speed: 1.0

Effect: If a target has over 100 magicka but less than 150 magicka, the bow will damage them for 25 extra points of damage. Other levels and damage values are listed below:
150-200 = 35
200-250 = 45
250-300 = 55
300-350 = 70
350-400 = 85
400-450 = 100
450-500 = 115
500-550 = 130
550-600 = 150
600-650 = 170
650-700 = 190
700-750 = 210
750-800 = 230
800-850 = 250
850-900 = 270
   900+ = 300

With this setup, the bow is relatively useless for vanilla, as most mages do not have an overly large magicka pool, and even though it is fast, other bows will out-dps it against targets with low magicka pools. On higher difficulties, this is fair since enemies with higher magicka pools tend to have much higher health as well, and also tend to heal themselves.

The effect is native to the bow, so does not need soul gems to recharge, but you cannot disenchant the effect, nor can other effects be added to the bow.

Recommended to get the most out of this mod and your game (and to give you a peek into my load order):
Sectors - Legendary Unleveled Skyrim
Advanced Adversary Ecounters
High Level Enemies
Animal Tweaks
Enhanced Mighty Dragons
+ 2 other animal mods
+ 4 other dragon mods
+ 3 other beast (werewolf/vampire lord/werebear) mods
+ 5 other enemy enhancers (add knockback/down, special attacks, etc.)

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