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  • ASM-2019 Formatting - Naming Conventions and Symbols.


     ( ~ ) Skill Books

      Quest related items. I try to only include items that are permanently REMOVED from the game after completion.
     The idea is to avoid tagging items that persist yet lose their No-Drop quest flags after a quest is completed.

     {P} Indicates the item is PERSISTENT and PERMANENT. These items will persist indefinitely in the world, unless sold to a vendor.

      X = Explosive. IE, FireX 

     {xxx}  This formatting is often used to move specific items to the very BOTTOM of category Lists.
      can be used for the opposite effect, to move items towards the TOP of a list.

     >.Xxx-Xxxx Crafting component Tag.  See section for more details.

     $ (No brackets) - Treasure Ma...

  • F.A.Q.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Q:Why Sorting Mods? 
    A: Let's  face it, Skyrim is a very 'stuff' oriented game. There are literally of thousands of collectible items, from ordinary clutter, to elaborate weapons and artifacts of all kinds. But, there is a problem. Many of them, are either poorly described, that is to say, the name doesn't really capture what the item is as well as it could, OR, the item is well described, but is poorly formatted in some way that is only obvious once you have it in your inventory with other items. This is a common feature of ALL Bethesda games. Not just Skyrim. Fallout suffers from it as well. Fallout 4s inventory management for example, and naming is so bad, the game is almost unplayable without extensive reworks of the way the games items a...

  • On ASM's changes to Ores Ingots and Dwemer crafting materials

    V 6.0 totally revamps the way ores and ingots are priced. Prior to 6.0, the mod used Krptoyr CCO\CCF values. The problem with those, was not that they didn't need to be changed,  (they did), but even those didn't really follow any kind of rigorous system either.  

    So, how did I go about that?

    First, I looked at the relative density of 5 known real world metals\minerals that occur in Tamriel


    Gold was used as the basis for all other metals, as it one of the heaviest and densest metals. Only metals like tungsten, Uranium and Plutonium are similar to gold. I set Gold OREs weight to 4.0. Heavy yes, but that's what gold is, heavy and dense.
    From there it was trivial to d...