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A retex of all the plants, food, ingredients and clutter.

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Hey guys.  I AM BACK!!!  Over a year ago, I have lost all vision in my right eye and there is now getting it back.  So I am done with the DR.s and moving forward with modding again.  Sorry it's been a while.  I will be working on my other mods to get them cleaned up and updated.  Possibly redo them from the ground up.  So look for some updates in the near future.  Have fun and keep gaming.

DarShonDo's Eyesore Retex Project

This is a huge project that aims at improving the quality of all the food, plants, ingredients and clutter in Skyrim SE.
A lot of the vanilla textures are a major eyesore.  There are a lot of texture mods out there that make your game look awesome.  Then you come across that one little item that really stands out like a Huge Zit on a Nose because it's a horrible vanilla texture.  It can drive a person insane!  INSANE!!!  In my opinion, you can have a great looking Skyrim with lots of textures but it's the small things that can bring everything together.  That's where this mod comes in. 

This is a work in progress so please be patient as I am only one person.

So, what's in this mod?

This is a combination of all the mods I ported:
Mountain Flowers By Mari SE
Deathbells By Mari SE
High Quality Food And Ingredients SE

The rest of the project will be worked on by me.  I am learning how to make textures and I am having fun with it.
Sweet Snowberries SE
Neurotic Nightshade SE
Silky Spider Eggs SE

View 'Changes' tab for what has been added and updated.


For NMM and MO users:
Download with manager of choice by clicking 'Download With Manager'
Install as you would normally by your manager.

Manual Install Users:
Download manually and drop into your Data folder.  Overwrite when prompted.

For People using SMIM!!
Smim seems to overwrite some of my textures.  If you want my textures when using SMIM, follow these steps.
When installing SMIM, click 'custom' option.  choose the options you want except 'Improved Bowl Ingredients', 'Improved Food',  and 'Improved rabbits'.   If you prefer Smim textures over mine then click those option.  It's all  up to your personal preference.

Mods Used In Screenshots

Ruins Clutter Improved
Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM
Skyland - A Landscape Texture Overhaul 
Skyrim Floral Overhaul Se - Trees Only
Veydosebrom - Grasses and Groundcover
Dolomite Weathers - Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics II
Sin Xtreme Realism ENB

My Mods

Deathbell By Mari SE
High Quality Food And Ingredients SE  
Mountain Flower By Mari SE
D.E.R.P. - DarShonDo's Eyesore Retex Project

Sweet Snowberries SE
Neurotic Nightshade SE
Silky Spider Eggs SE


All credit goes to:
ArtByMari for Mountain Flowers and Deathbells By Mari
Eraitico for High Quality Food And Ingredients

Thank you for allowing me to upload your work to Skyrim Special Edition.

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Questions And Answers

Question:  Will there be an 1K or a 4K version?
Answer:  Yes.  I will work on them when I get more familiar with making textures.  Please be patient!!!

Question:  Will you make a compatibility patch for X mod?
Answer:  More than likely yes.  Once I learn how to do so, it shouldn't be a problem.  BUT, you have to ask nicely.

Question:  Will you make a texture to fit my taste?
Answer:  Nope!  I am making these to look as realistic and and lore friendly as possible.  That's my taste!!

Question:  Will these work with SMIM?
Answer:  They should since they are only textures.  If there are any issues, just let me know.

Question:  DUDE!!!!  Why are you taking so long on this project?
Answer:  I am new to this.  I am learning as I go and I want to keep enjoying this.  Sorry if it takes a while to get some textures uploaded.  I want to make sure the work is good and not Half @$.

Question:  You have so many options to choose from.  Will you put this into an installer?
Answer:  Yes.  Once I get the know how of incorporating an installer, you will be able to pick and choose what you want to install with simplicity.

Question:  How old are you?
Answer:  Old enough to not put up with any bad comments, hate, bashing, insulting and mean rude people reflected to me or anyone commenting on my page.  I have ZERO tolerance for such junk and will deal with it accordingly.  It's not needed, it's not wanted!!  

Question:  I don't like your textures.  So why use them?
Answer:  That fine by me.  Everyone has there preference.  Don't use them.  Just keep looking.  Just don't be rude.