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Adds a customized powerful conjuror.

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Dont forget to check out BABYMETAL

Added a Tracking Marker to her in version 5.0.


Adds a female nord Conjuror follower to the game.
Totally created from scratch to make the pefect waifu for me so i decided to share her with you, because why not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Having a custom combat style and class along with a custom ai package, she doesnt behave as dumb as other NPCS either.

You can find her in the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood waiting for you, ready to follow you.

- When you find her early on, she will be level 15. She is always going to level up with you until level 999

- She invests mostly points in conjuration, destruction, then a a bit in restoration and heavy armor

- The perks she has are: augmented fire, frost and thunder spells, mage armor, magic resistance, dual casting and recovery (if you dont want her to use heavy armor, the mage armor perk will still work and make up for it)

- The spells she has are all normal projectile destruction spells, flesh spells, wards and atronach/thrall spells and healing spells

- She can sandbox while you do stuff

- She can go to sleep when youre in your house and she change into normal clothes

- She has a better ai now and keeps distance to enemies. She uses all of her spells and even heals herself when she feels like doing so.
- I have set her as friend of the player for a more immersive gameplay

- Levels up with you until you reach level 999

Apachii Female Hair SSE
(get the female package)

Just use nmm or install manually.

Teach Followers Spells Through Spell Tomes
(to make her use spells from my conjuration spells mod)