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This mod simply adds a dremora follower that can also be a potential spouse to Skyrim. 
You can find him in the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun. 
You can recruit him straight away. I put his voice as the MaleDarkElf becuase...i dunno, I'm noob and this one worked. 
His name is pronounced "Vool-kahn" not "Val-Kan" like the race in Star Trek lmao

Idfk why but it won't allow me to put the dialogue to marry him. I'll probably try to fix it, but computer can be shitty, surely you can relate? Anyway, the dialogue will still work if you open the console command by using the "~" key, click on Vulcan and type in:

addfac 19809 1
*press enter*
Marriage dialogue should work now

Sometimes you may need to click on him and type into the console: disable and enter and then without clicking anything else, type: enable and he type the above commands. Sorry to be so shitty :(

How the story is supposed to go is that Vulcan was a high ranking general in Mehrunes Dagon's army. Over the centuries of fighting and bleeding for his lord 
and gaining his favor, Vulcan's kyn began to envy him. They decided to do what they must to outrank and defeat him, the ultimate goal being to humiliate 
him; showing his true weakness to Dagon. Unfortunately for Vulcan, they succeeded and Dagon grew less and less obsessed with the dremora's fading strength. During the era The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim takes place, a lone Dark Brotherhood Assassin happened across the great shrine of Mehrunes Dagon, agreeing to complete the quest to find the pieces of the Daedra's razor. Once completed, Dagon promised the assassin one more gift as well as keeping the razor. Upon defeating two of his most powerful dremora warriors -- whom he promised to make generals once defeating the assassin -- they would be rewarded with a powerful dremora to be their servant for eternity. Seeing no way of losing from this offer, the assassin agreed, gullible to the true intent of the untrustworthy Prince: if the assassin lost, Dagon would gain two powerful generals, but if the mortal won, he would be able to humorously order his least favorite dremora to be bound to a lowly mortal forever.  

If enough people like/endorse this mod, I might put in a quest for him MAYBE (big maybe, I'm noob af) I''ll add voice acting
I've got o figure out how to do quests and shite as well as voice acting. I'll be happy to accept help if anyone wants to do that for me, preferably a quest around the backstory above PM me :*
I also may add more Dremora followers and/or spouses too, soooooo keep an eye out!

Just requires Skyrim, but works with Hearthfire and stuff. 
Compatible with follower mods; follower and npc dialogue and custom houses; etc.


1. Download the file using j-zip, 7-zip, or whatever downloading program you have
2. Copy the files and paste them into your Skyrim Special Editon Data folder
 (your PC > your local disc *sometimes C or D* > program files (x86) *maybe 64* > Steam > steamapps > common > Skyrim Special Edition > Data then paste!)


1. Delete all files installed from the Vulcan mod