Better Shaped Weapons Molten Glass Patch by LeviAEthan and LeanWolf
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Added: 17/07/2017 - 08:15AM
Updated: 17/07/2017 - 08:15AM

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Last updated at 8:15, 17 Jul 2017 Uploaded at 8:15, 17 Jul 2017

Description and credits

I made this patch for my own use, but I figured I'd share it. I have LeanWolf's permission to use his models, but Fadedshadow hasn't gotten back to me at time of writing this. However, I'm not actually using his content, just told LeanWolf's meshes to look for it. You still need Fadedshadow's mod. Links below.

As we all know, BSW is truly a better shape. However, it will not reshape modded weapons even if they use vanilla models. Just replacing the meshes also makes it look exactly like a vanilla BSW glass weapon. All I did was edit LeanWolf's meshes to shine red instead of green (like vanilla glass) and look for the molten textures instead of vanilla.

These are using the non-refractive meshes (refraction and shine colour are coded to the mesh, not texture), since Molten Glass doesn't have refraction and I wasn't able to get them to play nice, even though it looked straight forward. I'd appreciate any help on this, or an explanation as to why I can't just recolour the refraction

At this time, LeanWolf has only remodelled dagger, sword, and greatsword. I'll update this as he does, whenever I notice. I don't have his skills or patience to make my own models. If anything looks weird, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll try to make an edit for you if it's fairly simple. Maybe shinier, less shiny, shine a different colour, maybe you want to add your own texture or your own model. I can Frankenstein it together, but not make something completely new.

LeanWolf's BSW
Fadedshadow589's Molten Glass Armor and Weapons


Click and drag my "Meshes" folder into your Skyrim Data folder so that it merges with  the existing "Meshes" folder. You need to install Molten Glass first. You don't need BSW for this mod/patch to work, but I highly recommend it. I mean, you're here because you think LeanWolf's models are nice, right? Although I suppose you may way glass and molten glass weapons to be shaped differently, idk.

You can install before or after BSW, it doesn't matter. It operates in a different folder

I don't use NMM as far as possible, but I'd guess you can just double click? There aren't any options or fomod


Should be compatible with everything Molten Glass is. It only changes some of its meshes. As far as the game can tell, nothing  is different


Contact LeanWolf. My meshes use his models. I'm fine with whatever he's fine with :)
Fadedshadow is still the only source of the textures. You'll have to get them from him. They are not contained in this mod.