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  1. KuroKunoichi
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    I get CTD when I try this :/ Getting into Cyrodiil otherwise is fine, but I can't start there.
    1. VittoDS
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      me too!
  2. triptonite
    • member
    • 77 posts
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    I do not get either of the options. Could use some advice please?

    Figured it out - both under "I am in Cyrodill

  3. Supertron
    • premium
    • 244 posts
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    Great plugin UwU
  4. btrippe
    • member
    • 8 posts
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    Not working for me, and I only have the two mods (and this). Any reason why?
    1. BarzSama
      • member
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      1). Do you have Beyond Skyrim Bruma installed? if not, go install it.
      2). How about Alternate start mod? if not go install it, It's this mod prerequisite.
    2. jeromes09
      • supporter
      • 544 posts
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      You got it to work?
    3. Pevey
      • premium
      • 1,233 posts
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      I initially thought this mod wasn't working, which is why I came here to see if anyone else was having issues. But then I finally noticed that under the main dialogue option tree, there is the option "I am in Cyrodiil." I had been looking under the "I am a patron at a local inn" option to find the one in Bruma, not realizing it was in a separate dialogue option. Anyway, hope that helps.
    4. Krzykyle
      • premium
      • 42 posts
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      Thank you for that Pevey! Was just going crazy wondering why it wasn't working. Just saved me a headache. Kudos :)
    5. LordProtektor
      • member
      • 11 posts
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      Thank you, Pevey!
  5. Walks In Dreams
    Walks In Dreams
    • premium
    • 192 posts
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    Haven't tried the patron option but found out the situation in Agna was far removed from that you face in Oblivion's version of the ruin. Let's just say it wasn't a walk in the Park. Thanks anyway.
  6. twitchsuedenim
    • member
    • 10 posts
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    GG! Now it's time to shitpost creative plot lines for "THE PREQUEL"
    I see everyone saying that the main quest could trigger when crossing the border... come on everyone, let's get more creative than that!
    This could be a mod made for Beyond Skyrim: Bruma that adds a few alternate quest lines that lead to the eventual "capture" of The Prisoner at a specified time and location. Perhaps a Quest involving Hermaeus Mora having knowledge that The Dragonborn's arrival on Nirn, and in Skyrim, is inevitable.
    To discover who The Dragonborn is, Hermaeus Mora has secret agents, in high places(DaedraWorship?HighElf?AyleidRuin?), offering Wealth and Glory beyond imagination to aspiring adventurers. Knowing The Dragonborn will inevitably fall into Glory, these quests would focus on an increasing difficulty that one would expect in starting a New Game. This would also allow Herma's tests to become more elaborate until the secret agent and plot is revealed.
    Herma-"Many have failed where you have not. Some lose their life, some lose their mind... You may not be The Wyrm, but for me to know, you must be tested. If you die, I will know. If you live... I will know."
    The trap is sprung to have you arrested under suspicion of treason to The Empire. With Tullius only given "need-to-know" information, he carries out his duties under the false pre-tense given to him by his superiors.
    This is just One quest that could set up the Main Quest. I also had a brief thought of being an under cover Penitus Oculatus, that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That makes it hard to believe you would be put on the chopping block.
    Setting it up requires a few questions to be answered, does the person setting you up know about Alduin's arrival? Tying into the MQ, who knows about Alduin, or has some knowledge of what is to come? The Blades in the MQ have knowledge, The Grey Beards/ Paarthurnax, Hermaeus Mora/ Miraak, The Psijic Order? Perhaps people in contact with the other Gods, but no Gods seem to care, or play a role outside of Herma Mora.
    Like many, I believe The Blades in Skyrim to be very deceptive. From the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, to Delphine "finding" Sky Haven Temple, to the Paarthurnax dilemma, "The Blades" of Skyrim could be made out to be Antagonists with a few plot points added. An NPC in Nightgate Inn, Fultheim, has a Blades sword and will attack if you are wearing a Thalmor robe, and he was never included in Vanilla as a member(not sure if he is recruitable).
    This is telling me that there are Blades members who do not trust "The Blades" of Skyrim, this is strange, no? Reforming a group that was meant to "Protect the blood of the Dragon," that was hunted and tracked down by Thalmor agents, suddenly pops up in the middle of a War, right as Dragons are re-appearing, and the only thing they care about is ridding the world of All Dragon Blood?
    Wouldn't that make The Dragonborn the mortal enemy of "The Blades" in Skyrim? You are the embodiment of a Dragon, but do quests to genocide dragons? Are they the only two remaining Blades in all of Nirn, or are they agents who have been disguised as Blades? Trapping the remaining lost Blades in Delphine or Esbern's creepy dungeons before The Dragonborn had even shown up?
    I don't like them damn Skyrim Blades... creepy perverts I tell ya.
    After you do the Horn of Jurgen quest, a mission that would kill an average person mind you, Delphine, The Cow, sends you out on another unbelievable mission to slay a dragon, because she "isn't convinced" that you are Dragonborn, even after you Shout in that wenches ear-holes! I'm convinced that if The Dragonborn wasn't the only way to save the world, "The Blades of Skyrim" would have continued setting up "New Blades Members" to be murdered while on cryptic quests for Joe's Smelly Harmonica.
    (: As far as I can tell, Delphine is a Dragon Necromancer :) Does the dragon at Kynesgrove come to life if Delphine isn't there? NO! SHE A DAMN DRAGON PRIESTESS I TELL YA! Delphine is the Miraak of Skyrim! If nothing else, she hunts and kills the old members of The Blades to uphold The White-Gold Concordat for The Thalmor. A covert mission, unknown to most military personnel, The Empire must agree to the covert ops in Skyrim, but long-standing alliances had instilled allegiance to The Blades in numerous Secret Societies across Tamriel. These societies would help the few Blades left. Feed them, house them, and send them on their way to the next hide-out, further from the grip of Thalmor rule. After they had found safe passage, they would hide in new lives. Changing their names, their faces, adopting children, or just escaping into the endless caverns and dungeons of the undernirn, as so many have done before.
    You meet a Lone Adventurer in an ancient Nordic site somewhere along the border, they have set up camp directly in front of a large wall with strange symbols on it. As you approach, the wall speaks to you and teaches you a shout. The person notices the change, and has been awaiting the fates to grant them the honor of meeting The Dragonborn. They tell you about "The Blades of Skyrim" and that Delphine is a Cow, and tells you that The World Eater is here. That would trigger a mercenary band to come find you and haul you off to your death. Maybe rebuild Cloud Ruler Temple after we beat Alduin.
    Skyrim ruined The Blades!
    Soo yeah, where was I...
    No race or face change, but you are given the opportunity to change your name... Good job with this little mod. I've enjoyed it greatly!
    1. stuff444
      • premium
      • 1,344 posts
      • 12 kudos
      +1 for your zeal
  7. Sansum
    • member
    • 190 posts
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    Works perfect awesome!
  8. AnoZomb
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  9. amullinix
    • supporter
    • 262 posts
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    Please update your Bruma link. It goes to the regular Skyrim version, not the SE one. Same thing with the Alternate Start link. Thanks.
  10. Emanuelbraam
    • member
    • 114 posts
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    This is great! works amazing, thanks. I had two thoughts...
    I thought it would be great to have the "own property option" in the city of Bruma, as well as a couple options for attacked and left for dead. 
    1. Melc0007
      • member
      • 18 posts
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      This can't work because property ownership in Bruma is part of a large questline.