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If you recall, Titus Mede II was said to wield goldbrand in the Battle of the Red Ring, so while he likely wouldn't have had the ebony mail, it would still be pretty dope, right? So I tossed this together. Otherwise, the AR is the same and it still is classified as a heavy armor and benefits from heavy armor perks - I didn't change any keywords, just the armor addon and magic effect. I recommend "Darker Imperial Armor" (Helmet file only) for the helmet, the excellent Goldbrand model from "Artifacts - The Tournament of the Ten Bloods" by FrankFamily on the nexus, and the boots/gloves from Knight armor - Ebony Armor edit on the nexus by 92demonking, with the textures created by the excellent CaBal120  to bring out that shine. Thank you to jasperthegnome on the nexus for the excellent "Modular" modding resource, which made it a good deal easier for me to acquire the ebony mail resources without having to export them myself. Note that I didn't include any of these assets besides the Modular permission free resource, so to look like it looks in the pictures you're gonna have to head over to those people's excellent mods and install them.

Head to the 3:41 mark for the review of this mod.

SSE Notes:
On SSE I will only provide a standalone version. Please report any bugs since the new CK was wonking out while I was using it. The mod will use whatever textures you have installed so I recommend using decent textures for both the armor and the emperor's robes.

If you want to use the mesh in anything, feel free to do so, it's a pretty basic nifskope mashup so if it saves you some time, knock yourself out.

The requirements are soft, you don't need them but they make it look a lot prettier.

I'm using an adapted version of Gamwich's Rustic Texture in the screenies, and it shouldn't be included. To match the screenies, grab the texture from his mod, copy and rename it to the same name with a 2 on the end, and use paintNET or GIMP or whatever you have that can edit a .dds and remove that big ol' fur piece (or keep it if you want it).

Thanks to HonorableVista for his imperial helmet resource, which looks like 100% doper than vanilla.