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Makes the huge wolves in skyrim a fair bit smaller!

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One question I have always asked myself is why are wolves so big in Skyrim? maybe the fantasy side of things makes sense for the game, but in my opinion, they just looked massive (as if they were on stilts half the time) 

This is an incredibly small mod which changes the size of wolves to be a bit more realistic while attempting to keep the fantasy side alive 

The size of a normal wolf is (1.0) and an ice wolf (1.15) i.e 15% larger than the normal ones 

Now a normal wolf is (0.75) and an ice wolf (0.79) only 4% bigger, but you can still tell they are bigger just from looking at them

Pit wolves and alpha wolves have also been changed, the largest wolf remains the ice wolf.

Even the summoned sizes have been changed to fit into the changes for the other wolves. 

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