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patches the Stone Rest sign and Bruma's signage to the stores and guilds and inns with SMIM Meshes

Permissions and credits
Simple Patch to fix Snowstone Rest Sign and I also SMIMmed all other Bruma signs

the meshes are replacers

the esp is really only needed to fix the way Snowstone Rest Texture Set is applied to the mesh....I cant exactly get rid of the esp because its using a vanilla mesh with the texture applied thru a Texture Set...hence the previous sign issue with it applying to the wrong piece of the esp is the only way atm

<<<<<Wrye Bash can merge the esp into the Bashed Patch by default to save esp slots I totally recommend doing so>>>>>>

---Load Order and Requirements---

Skyrim.esm (REQUIRED)
Beyond Skyrim Bruma (REQUIRED)
Static Mesh Improvement Mod (REQUIRED)

---Thanks And Credits---
This mod would not have been possible without the:

Team of Beyond Skyrim

Brumbek - Author of SMIM

Brumbek has made his SMIM mod open-perms