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Opens the the portcullis at the Volkihar Castle main gate.

Corrects bug where the portcullis does not open during the "Bloodline" quest

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  • German
Opens the the portcullis at Volkihar Castle. A common bug occurs where the portcullis will not open when arriving at the castle during the "Bloodline" quest. This mod fixes that issue.

Once the portcullis is opened you can save your game and then delete the mod.

The mod runs a quick script when the game is loaded. The script opens the door WITHOUT affecting any part of the questline or the portcullis itself. So there should be no incompatibility with any mods.

If the portcullis closes again AFTER you have used this mod to open it (which it shouldn't),
the mod can be used to reopen it by following the procedure:

1. disable/delete the mod
2. start game and immediately save
3. re-enable/ re-download the mod
4. continue from the save made in step 2.