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Removes the intro logo when loading the game

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This simple mod replaces the intro video with a blank file. 
It might create some flickering when starting the game.

Install with a mod manager or replace the file manually in \Skyrim Special Edition\Data\Video
When replacing be sure to make a backup of the BGS_Logo.bik file.

To remove, just uninstall with your mod manager or replace the modded file with your backed up bik file.

INI edit
As gentl3typhoon pointed out in the comments, the INI tweak to disable the intro movie also works in the SE.
Backup and open the Skyrim.ini file in C:\Users\*username*\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\

Under the [General] part add: "sIntroSequence=" (without quotes) and save the file.
If sIntroSequence=BGS_Logo.bik already exists, just remove the "BGS_Logo.bik" and save