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Are you tired of dead grass and empty streets? Do you just wish that your least favorite town could be your most favorite? Well look no further! The Autumn of Whiterun is here to turn your boring old wasteland of a city into a lush forest primed for pretty screenshots!

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SURPRISE! Go check out my new mod...
Winter in Windhelm

UPDATE v1.3.1
 - Trees Beyond Our Walls (Bug Fixes)
(OPTIONAL - No Lanterns Version now available!)
Quick fixes that were pointed out to me by thevioletsky thank you for helping me out with these! This small update includes:
-Some clipping issues fixed, particularly with JK's Whiterun
-Now confirmed compatible with JK's Whiterun Outskirts
-Further support for Simply Bigger Trees! out for that no lanterns version coming soon!

This is probably the final large update to the Autumn of Whiterun. Thanks to everyone for all the feedback and support on this project, it really helped make it what it has become! This mod now includes...

-Full support for popular mods that impact Whiterun (see list below)
-Lanterns in the city streets (optional version coming)
-Trees inside and outside the walls, visible everywhere
-Active support for minor issues and future bugfixes which I would be happy to do!

It's no longer a forest in a city...
it's a city in a forest.
1.3.1 (Optional) - No Lanterns
1.3.1 (Current) - Bug Fixes
1.3 - Trees Beyond Our Walls
1.2.1 - Open Cities Skyrim Support
1.2 - Mod Support
1.1 - Lanterns
(1.0 - No Lanterns)

Welcome to the Autumn of Whiterun, a complete remake of my original mod for the old Skyrim game! Get ready to be lost in Whiterun as you navigate your way to the top through the wonders of nature. It should be noted that this mod was made with many of the criticisms of the original in mind. I have made various changes in the way I have constructed the forest giving it a completely unique look from the first mod (also in glorious special edition graphics). There are no requirements for this mod, so just download and enjoy! Here are a few features of the mod:

Trees of the Rift
These beautiful aspens cover the city of Whiterun in its entirety making it a beautiful place to visit and a particularly nice spot to own a home.

Natural Decor and Clutter
You may also notice a few things here and there such as leaves on the ground, vines on buildings, and even some decorative carts and barrels to make the city feel a little more lived in thanks to it being such a dense forest.

Stable Performance
Despite the drastic increase in tree population, there should be a very minimal performance hit when wandering through Whiterun. This is largely due to the strategic placement of trees allowing me to add less trees than the original mod, but also make everything look just as dense.

Completely Compatible
Theoretically, this mod will have zero compatibility issues with other mods. This is because I am not changing any assets or even creating new models. Everything about this mod was created using assets that are already in the game - you don't even need to load the DLC for this mod to work. That being said, if for some reason the mod is creating a crash, I will be more than happy to do what I can to resolve the issue! The current list for officially supported mods is as follows:
Open Cities Skyrim
JK's Whiterun (and Outskirts!)
Bells of Skyrim
Trees in Cities (minor clipping between trees)
Simply Bigger Trees (minor clipping) improved!

---> Now on XB1 and PS4(alternative PC)

Here's a great video from Ultimate Immersion showcasing the mod!

I plan on updating this mod in the future by adding a variety of things to make Whiterun look and feel better. I intentionally posted this mod before I added some of the small things I wanted to so that I can work on making compatible versions with other mods for the special edition. That being said, if there is any compatability issues with other Whiterun mods (such as a tree clipping through a well or something, it would be my pleasure to release an alternate version that removes that particular issue.

The Future of the Autumn of Skyrim
If people enjoy this mod as much as the first one was enjoyed from the original Skyrim game, then I plan on creating more mods like this for other cities by popular demand. So please let me know in the comments what you would like to see next!

The Gallery
Most if not all of the screenshots I have taken for this mod are using the Dolomite ENB from the SkyrimSE Re-Engaged ENB pack which I highly recommend! And yes, they are in glorious 1440p :D

What comes next... You decide!
(link to a quick google survey for the next installment!)