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Liliths Lacerator-Custom Rapier and greatsword by wiikki ported to Skyrim Special edition with permission of the original autor

Permissions and credits
This is a conversion of  Liliths Lacerator-Custom Rapier and greatsword 1.1 by wiikki  updated so everything plays nice with Skyrim Special Edition.

Original Mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/67090/?

All credit for this mod goes to wiikki.  Please leave him an endorsement on his original mod page if you like his work!

Some users had problems with the textures BSA. For this reason I uploaded a loose files version that should work for them. 
Problems should be solved by using only one BSA for meshes and textures

Lilith's Lacerator: Main design.Lilith's Lacerator (alt): version of the main one with "smaller" or simpler handguard. See the pictures.
Lilith's Lacerator (2h): Basically a 2-handed version of the alternate version (alt).

Stats (2h): base damage 23 (24 on daedric greatsword), speed 1.0Stats
         (1h): base damage 13 (14 on daedric sword), speed 1.3

Crafting requirements(2hs): Daedric smithing, 5 void salts, 8 ebony ingots, 5 daedra hearts
Crafting requirements(1hs): Daedric smithing, 3 void salts, 6 ebony ingots, 4 daedra hearts

1: type help lacerator into the console
2: it gives you the IDs. 
3. type "player.additem *id* *amount* " without the * and "
    example: player.additem 0a000b52 1

1. Dump the  bsa-file and the esp-file into the skyrim's data folder. / or use the mod manager. it should work.
2. check the .esp file and you're ready to go

Just remove the files you added.