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215 New Fully Readable Books & 30 Skill Books added to Merchants chests & level lists.

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Version 3.0 Out Now

215 New books & 30 New Skill Books Added

Compatible With Everything- Including "BOOK COVERS SKYRIM"

No Scripts Used

I felt there was a lack of depth in readable books SLASH skill books..
 "I fixed that.."

Version 2.3 Has 215 new books & 30 Skill Books Incorporated Into the level lists & Merchants, loot & chests etc.
  Giving Skyrim a feel properly consisting of educated people that is appropriate per NPC, I put the chances of each books placement into the level lists- So Wizards & Thalmor & such  have a better chance of receiving books in their loot versus a uneducated bandit thug. Also Merchants sell a better variety.This goes for all chests dressers etc.Once in awhile you will find a cache of books.
 Everything is placed to perfection & not overly done which makes for finding books a more satisfying & interesting endeavor. Sometimes I noticed that I have to take a second look to tell which
 books are faction books & which are vanilla. 


         I  Still felt there was a lack of satisfaction in readable books & skill books..          "So I fixed that too.."

What are faction books?  They're real books sometimes hundreds of pages long & fully readable. I broke the bigger books into smaller volumes for easier reading, I've also kept it lore friendly as possible.
Even though the books are part of the public domain or Copyright free & compiled by me with online tools &  Public Domain searches & more searches, they don't detract from the worlds immersion.




(Urag gro-Shub sells all of the new "Books" In one Location.. For the not so adventures type of adventures, you can buy them at the College (Arcanium Library)  
He has good tastes..
Don't touch his books without asking; He doesn't even care if you wrote them!   
Or you can just find them in your travels.

They're incorporated into level lists as of 2.3

Real Nordic Books
Real Nordic Sagas & stories, Icelandic & Scandinavian Stories Have been Translated to English

v1, v2, v3 stands For Volume #

1.  "Three Billy Goats Gruff" Skill: Speech
2.  "A Bards Story, v1"    Skill: SpeechCraft
3.  "A Bards Story, v2"    Skill: SpeechCraft
4.  "Beowolf, v1       Skill:SpeechCraft
5.  "Beowolf, v2       Skill:SpeechCraft
6.  "Beowolf, v3       Skill:SpeechCraft
7.  "Ragnars LodBrokar Saga"   Skill: One Handed
8.  "Ragnars LodBrokar Saga"   Skill: Block
9.  "Ragnars LodBrokar Saga"   Skill: Heavy Armor
10. "Saga Of Bjorn, v1"
11. "Saga Of Bjorn, v2"
12. "Brodd Helgi and Bjarne"
13. "Cormac The Skald"
14. "Egils Saga, v1"
15. "Egils Saga, v2"
16. "Egils Saga, v3"
17. "Egils Saga, v4"
18. "Egils Saga, v5"
19. "Egils Saga, v6"
20. "Saga of Erick The Red"
21. "Saga of Eyrbyggja"
23. "Saga of Finnbogi, v1"
24. "Saga of Finnbogi, v2"
25. "Saga of Finnbogi, v3"
26. "Saga of Fljótsdæl, v1"
27. "Saga of Fljótsdæl, v2"
28. "Saga of Fljótsdæl, v3"
29. "Saga of Flóamanna, v1"
30. "Saga of Flóamanna, v2"
31. "Saga Of Fóstbræðra, v1"
32. "Saga Of Fóstbræðra, v2"
33. "Saga Of Fóstbræðra, v3"
34. "Saga Of The Giser, v1"
35. "Saga Of The Giser, v2"
36. "Saga Of The Giser, v3"
37. "Saga Of Grettirs, v1"
38. "Saga Of Grettirs, v2"
39. "Saga Of Grettirs, v3"
40. "Saga Of Grettirs, v4"
41. "Saga Of Grettirs, v5"
42. "Saga Of Grettirs, v6"
43. "Saga Of Grettirs, v7"
44. "Saga Of Gunnlaug, v1"
45. "Saga Of Gunnlaug, v2"
46. "Saga Of Ljósvetninga, v1"
47. "Saga of Ljósvetninga, v2"
48. "Saga Of Ljósvetninga, v3"
49. "Saga Of Ljósvetninga, v4"
50. "Saga Of Hen Thorir, v1"
51. "Saga Of Hen Thorir, v2"
52. "The Story Of The Banded Men, v1"
53. "The Story Of The Banded Men, v2"
54. "Saga Of Thrond Gate, v1"
55. "Saga Of Thrond Gate, v2"
56. "Saga Of Thrond Gate, v3"
57. "Gisli The Outlaw, v1"
58. "Gisli The Outlaw, v2"
59. "Gisli The Outlaw, v3"
60. "The Story Of The Confederates, v1"
61. "The Story Of The Confederates, v2"
62. "Saga of Svarfdela, v1"
63. "Saga of Svarfdela, v2"
64. "The Laxdalers, v1"
65. "The Laxdalers, v2"
67. "The Laxdalers, v3"
68. "The Laxdalers, v4"
69. "The Laxdalers, v5"
70. "The Laxdalers, v6"
71. "Saga Of Viglund The Fair, v1"
72. "Saga Of Viglund The Fair, v2"
73. "Saga Of Thordar, v1"
74. "Saga Of Thordar, v2"
75. "Freys Priest"
76. "Greenlanders Saga"
77. "Gunnar story Keldugnúpsfífls"
78. "History Of Fight Cutter"
79. "Hooks Refs Saga" 
80. "Hrani Saga"
81. "Nordic Gods" Skill: Enchanting
82. "Saga of Burnt Njal"
83. "Saga Of Howard The Halt"
84. "Saga of Olkofra"
85. "Saga of Thorsteins"
86. "Saga Of Valla Lyjot" 
87. "Saga Of Viga Glum"
88. "The Ere dwellers

Complete Verses Of Volsungs Saga

89. "Volsung,1 Son of Odin"
90. "Volsung,2 Son of Rerir
91. "Volsung,3 Son of Volsung
92. "Volsung,4 Signy Wedding
93. "Volsung,5 Death of Volsung
94. "Volsung,6 Signys Child
95. "Volsung,7 Birth Of Sinfjotli
96. "Volsung,8 King Siggeir
97. "Volsung,9 Sigurn Wedding
98. "Volsung,10 Death of Sinfjotli


Norse Fairytales
For yourself or your Adopted Children

99.   "Goosey Grizzel"
100.  Hacon Grizzlebeard
102.  Heartless Giant
103.  Katie Woodencloak
104.  Peter & the Troll
105.  Rich Peter Pedlar
106. Soria Moria Castle
107. The Mastermaid
108. The Squire's Bride
109. The Twelve Ducks
110. Why The Sea Is Salt
111. Ashland & The Princess
112. Asland & The Troll
113. Big Bird Damn
114. Boy & The Northwind
115. Bushy Bride
116. Buttercup
117. Dapplegrim
118. Farmer Weathersky
119. Giants Mountain
120. Gudbrand on the Hillside
121. Per Gynt
122. Rumble Mumble Goose Egg
123. Tatterhood
124. The Cormorants Of Udrost
126. The Master-Smith
127. The Pancake
128. The Seven Foals
129. Thumbikin
130. True & Untrue

Also Added 

Real Imperial Books 
A.K.A Roman/Philosophy Book

131. "Dantes Inferno"v1   skill:restoration   Book Speaks For Itself.   I believe I am the only mod with this book on either 32bit or 64bit Skyrim
132. "Dantes Inferno"v2   skill:restoration                
133. "Dantes Inferno"v3   skill:restoration 
134. "Dantes Inferno"v4   skill:restoration 
135. "Dantes Inferno"v5   skill:restoration 
136. "Dantes Inferno"v6   skill:restoration 
137. "Dantes Inferno"v7   skill:restoration 
138. "Dantes Inferno"v8   skill:restoration 
139. "Dantes Inferno"v9   skill:restoration 

        Also Added

Real Magick Books
Real Grimoires & Real Magick Books

140."L.B.R.P Ritual"
141."The Astral Sense"
142. "Crystal Gazing"
143. "Angels Of the Watchtowers" Skill:Enchanting
144. "Summoning A Succubus"
145. "Intro To summoning Spirits"  Skill:Conjuration
146. "Intro To Necromancy"
147. "History Of Necromancy"     Skill: Conjuration
148. "Into The Black Mirror, v1"  Skill: Conjuration
149. "Into The Black Mirror, v2"  Skill: Conjuration
150. "Create A Real Familiar": Skill: Conjuration
151. "The Emer
ald Tablet"- Word is it holds the secrets of turning lead into gold    Skill:Alchemy
152. "Become A Power"
153. "Alter Magickal Name" Skill: Alteration
154. "Book Of The Law" Skill: Illusion
156. "Creative Visualization" Skill: Illusion
157. "Hermetic Healing"             Skill: Restoration

158. "Malleus MalifeFicarum- Witch Hunter Manual"..   This Book Is Massive It's Going to take Time. I'm only on Question III, but you will most likely not get through the whole thing as is.  I will be updating and the Price of real in game gold as the book will increase in value per the hard work that goes into it. Skill:Destruction
159. "Speak Into Existence"
160. "Tetragrammaton Part One"

         Also Added

Real Fighters Guild or Companions Books
Compilation of Monsters & Folklore

161. "The Djinn"
162. "History Of Baba Yaga"
163. The Rusalka"
164. "Moon Cry"- Werewolf Hunter Field Guide;   Will be updated and Be Continuously improved.. Grants Smithing Skill
165. "Fangs & Ruby Slippers"..   This is a Vampire Encounter Book Part 1 
166. "The Titans
167. "Will o wisps"
168. "The sirens"
169. "The satyr"
170. "griffins"
171. "The grim reaper"
172. "The Gorgon"
173. "Golems"
174. "The BogeyMan"
176. "the Banshee"
177. "sword In the stone"
179. "Sprites"
180. "The Seven Ancient Planets"
181. "Sea Monsters"
182. "Nymphs"
183. "Nasir"
184. "Mermaids"
185. "incubus"
186. "imps"
189. "Hobgoblins"
190. "History of Trolls"
191. "History Of Smithing"
192. "History Of Giants"
193. "History of Fairys"
194. "Brigands"
195. "History of Bandits"
196. "Guide to Dragons"
197. "Goblins"
198. "Gargoyles"
199. "Frost Giants"
200. "Elfs"
201. "Dryads"
202. "Cererus"
203. "Black eyed beings"
204. "Basilisk"
205. "Shapeshifters"
206. "Sprites"
207. "Sword In The Stone"
208. "Wyvrne"
209. "Zombies"
210. "Will o Wisps"
211. "Domavio"

212. "Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School: How to Be a Hero"
213. "Famous Adventurers Correspondence School: Advanced Adventuring Course"
214. "Famous Explorer's Correspondence Course"
215. "Green Man"

Lots More To Come

                                     Bash Patch Recommended Not Required.

    Works with
   "Books Books Books"
       "Books Of Skyrim"

I would like to thank beta testers
for helping with the beta test

   -----------------------Coming In Future Update--------------------


Additional  Better  Level Lists & More Books

   Notes with short stories


        "Books From all past Elderscroll's games 

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