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A quick command line .txt file to quickly use the free camera during game play.

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*** Update on 3/26/18 ***
Now that SKSE64 is upon us there are two other mods which can help or *kinda* replace this mod.  Both of these mods provide more options that just a free camera so check them out.  These mods do take a load order slot and requre SKSE64.  If those are issues then my mod will continue to work with any Skyrim setup and doesn't require a load order slot. 

Autorun Console Commands SE ( Nexus# 14224)
You can take my script and paste it into one of the premade script files from this new mod.  This would allow you to set a hotkey for using the free camera.  In my limited testing it works pretty well.  

Customizable Camera  (Nexus# 12201)
This mod provides lots of options for adjusting the camera in game.  It allow allows you to set a hotkey for the free camera and adjust the speed of the camera in game.  Neat!   The only negative is that is doesn't add the "epc" command which prevents your character from getting stuck.  While getting stuck coming out of free camera doesn't happen often it does happen occasionally so that trade off may be worth it.  

What is the problem?
The default camera in SkyrimSE (and Skyrim) is severely lacking in it's capabilities.  You are very limited in how close or how far you can get to an object.  You also are very limited in what camera angles you can use.  You can use console commands to launch the built in free camera but it flies too fast to get the exact view you want.  You can use more console commands to slow down the camera but then your character can get stuck when exiting the free camera. You can use more console commands to get your character unstuck but ... whew! ... that's a lot of typing. 

How does this mod fix the issue?
There were mods for Oldrim which solved the problem but unfortunately they relied on skse which is not available for SkyrimSE as of this time.  This mod allows you to use a few simple keystrokes to enable and disable the free camera and automatically resolves the "stuck PC" problem.  

There are three ways to install this mod:

1. If using Mod Organizer, download the "Free Camera Utility for Mod Organizer" version and activate it. 

2. If using NMM download the "Free Camera Utility for NMM or Manual Install" version and activate it.  

3. To manually install without a mod manager, download the "Free Camera Utility for NMM or Manual Install" version, unpack the file, and manually save it to your Skyrim directory.  It's the same directory which contains SkyrimSE.exe.  

To uninstall remove from your mod manager or if you manually installed delete the file. 

Thank you to Jebbalon and lomenar  for helping me work out the details for mod manager installs. 

How do I use this mod?
1. To use the free camera open the command console, type "bat c", and press enter.   

The command console is normally opened by selecting the tilde key located next to the " 1 " at the top of the keyboard.  

2. To end the free camera, repeat the process.  Open the command console, type "bat c", and press enter.  

Your view will automatically jump back to the view from your player character the instance you end the free camera.  

Be aware that when going forward the camera will continue going forward until you stop it.  You stop it by selecting any direction, including forward again.  For example, when I'm trying to get a close up I'll select " D " which is my forward key to start the camera going forward and then type " D " again when I want it to stop.   

I named this file "c" for camera which is easy for me to remember and quick to type.  You can change the name of the file to whatever you prefer and type your new file name instead of "c" to activate the free camera. 

This is a simple .txt file which contains three lines:

1. tfc
This is a toggle which enables and disables the free camera.

2. sucsm 2
This sets the speed at which the camera moves.  Default is 10 so I use 2 for a slower moving camera which allows for more fine control.  You can change this number to your desired speed. 

3. epc
This stands for "enable player control".  If your character is ever "stuck" this command could resolve the issue.  This "fixes" the issue coming out of the free camera before you even notice it.  

In conclusion ...
This is a really long write up for such a simple mod but I use it all the time.  I use it to get epic screenshots from high above or tight closeups on a NPC's face. I wish there was a way to enable this without having to enter the console but unless you have a way to map commands to your keyboard and mouse then this will have to suffice until SKSE64 comes out. 

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.