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can't believe nobody has made this mod yet

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adds new Shouts which will summon one or a number of exact copies of the player character.
they will act like followers and help the player character in battle, sharing all their stats and current equipment.

the number of clones and their health, stamina & magicka points depend on the player's magicka bar, which will be shared between all of them.
(Example: you have a max 300 points of magicka, you summon 2 clones -> the clones will each have 100 points of health/stamina/magicka + your own maximum magicka is reduced to 100 while the clones are summoned)

when a clone dies or you release the summoning, your magicka capacity is restored and a part of the clone's battle experiences (XP towards a new level in skills like onehanded, block etc.) are transferred to you

edit the included ShadowCloneJutsu.ini file to change the max number of clones

Ninja hand signs animation was made by T_kuku, all credit goes to them!

Warning: like my Vergil Doppelganger, the presence of shadow clones can cause irregular behavior of the game, e.g. things you own not being recognized as your property. summon clones at you own risk, and best not keep them around outside of battles!

Since some people had problems with other shout powers I made in the past, this time I also added equippable magic spell versions of the techniques.
they are added to your magic inventory automatically and if they don't show up and you also can't find them through the console by typing
help "shadow clone jutsu"
, then the mod is not properly installed to your game.