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Adds various recipes for utility use at a new Campfire-placeable crafting table.
Now with standalone addon, Weightless Salt and Torches!

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Development has moved back over to
Cheerybelle's Micromods - Special Edition
Now renamed to
Cheery Crafting Special Edition - Cheerybelle's Mods
Hooray for indecisiveness!
No, but really, it's just because I started using SKSE64 and SkyUI again.

SideNote: Cheery Crafting: Campfire Edition and its standalone addon appear to work on Oldrim, as well.

This is the successor to my mod Cheerybelle's Micromods - Special Edition.
It contains all of the recipes from my previous mod-- and more --but none of the dreadful item edits.
You may be asking: Why make it require Campfire? Just trust me, this is much easier than my original idea for this.
This was made with Campfire Dev Kit v1.7.1 and tested to work with Campfire v1.11.
As usual, I'll be explaining all of the features in segments.

Mystic's Materials Table  (r1: Cheery Crafting Table)
This is where you will be doing all of your crafting of these new recipes. It can be crafted in the Create Item power menu for 5 Firewood.

Flawless to Flawed Gem Conversion - 1 to 2
This adds the ability to convert any of the 6 vanilla flawless gems to two of their flawed counterparts.
Originally added for personal use with Diamond Smithing:

Flawless from Flawed Gem Conversion - 1 from 3
This adds the ability to convert any of the 6 vanilla gems to one of their flawless counterparts at a ratio of 1 flawless from 3 flawed.
Originally added by request.

Iron & Corundum Ingots to Steel
This adds the ability to convert 2 Iron Ingots and 1 Corundum Ingot to 2 Steel Ingots.

Ore Unsmelting
This adds the ability to turn Ingots into Ores at the same rate as they are smelted normally using Quarried Stone.
1 Ingot + 2 Quarried Stone = 2 Ore
1 Iron Ingot + 1 Quarried Stone = 1 Iron Ore
1 Steel Ingot + 1 Quarried Stone = 1 Corundum Ore

Dwemer Metal Scrap Crafting
This adds the ability to recraft Dwemer scrap items at the same rate as they are usually worth, and you can also craft the other Dwemer scrap items (like Cogs) at the rate of their weight (but Cogs are cheaper).
2 Ingots: Large Decorative Dwemer Strut, Dwemer Gear, Dwemer Gyro, Dwemer Lever, Dwemer Scrap Metal, Small Dwemer Lever
3 Ingots: Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal, Large Dwemer Plate Metal, Large Dwemer Strut, Small Dwemer Plate Metal
5 Ingots: Solid Dwemer Metal, Dwemer Cog

Atronach Forge Required Items Crafting
This adds the ability to craft Brooms, forge Centurion Dynamo Cores, bind Ruined Books (all three types), and create Empty Bottles (4/5 of them). They may not be the easiest to craft, but it may save you the hassle of finding them.
Broom: 1 Straw, 2 Firewood
Ruined or Burned Book: 2 Rolls of Paper, 2 Leather
Empty Wine Bottle: 1 Glass  (r1: 6 Glass)
Centurion Dynamo Core: 6 Dwemer Ingots, 1 Dwemer Gyro, 3 Heart Stones, 2 Greater-Filled Greater Soul Gems

Changes in Release 2:
 • Requirements for all Empty Wine Bottles recipes changed from 6 Glass to only 1 Glass each.
 • "Cheery Crafting Table" has changed names to "Mystic's Materials Table"
These were just minor bugbears about the mod that have bugged me for... probably around a year, now.
Updating from the old version should be seamless, as nothing changed IDs, only internal attributes.

Standalone Addon:  Weightless Salt and Torches
...but say you want item edits. You liked that, before, there were two little additions to ease your burdens.
Well, now you have it once more.
Weightless Salt and Torches makes Salt Piles and your standard Torches weigh zero.
The Shadow-Casting Torch is untouched because that's already weightless.
Remember how item overwrites happen with mods when deciding where in your load order to place this mod.
This is a standalone mod and does not require Cheery Crafting Campfire Edition or Campfire.

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