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* I NO LONGER AM UPDATING THIS MOD. I'VE INSTEAD COMBINED THIS MOD AND MY NORD BARBARIAN MOD INTO A SINGLE MOD CALLED '''Warrior' 'Paladin' 'Barbarian' (Dungeons and Dragons Style) Role Play (includes NPC Perks)'. ' @

Permissions and credits
This mod has been replaced by my 'Classic Roleplay Character Build' Perk Overhaul


So, you might be asking yourself "what's the point of this mod?".

While trying to roleplay as a Warrior, I noticed I kept falling back heavily on Non-Warrior skills (such as lockpicking, alchemy, enchanting or casting spells).  I decided to make myself a mod where I'd not be tempted to break RP!  Additionally, I wanted a mod that made combat related skills a bit more 'realistic' for me AND the NPCs.  Finally, I wanted Rewards to mean I lowered the players selling prices (-50%) + I use 'Increased Bounty Gold' by darkwahn.

Basically, the point is to limit jack of all trades type gameplay, and encourage (force) Warrior/Paladin roleplaying....all while adding some extra 'realism' for both me and NPCs.  Torches actually have a use now!  Shouts also become far more important as a spell casting alternative!  

There are actually a LOT of changes, the 2.3 version's list of changes are all detailed below.



-Many of the effects of this mod function off hidden perks = you might not see an effects description, but it works (kind of like how the perk Elemental Protection adds 50% Elemental protection while blocking with a shield, but you don't see it in the Active Effects list).

2 Main Mods are available here:
-Warrior Mod = default
-Paladin Mod = can cast Restoration spells without the 100X magicka cost penalty


-WORN armor/shields weight only 60% (helps balance the lower carry capacity...and is realistic in that wearing armor is easier than carrying it)

-NPCs/Undead/Falmer of Level 19 or under get a critical hit chance of 10%

-NPCs/Undead/Falmer of Level 19 or under get critical hit damage of +20%

-NPCs/Undead/Falmer of Level 20 or higher get a critical hit chance of 20%

-NPCs/Undead/Falmer of Level 20 or higher get critical hit damage of +50%

-NPCs/Undead/Falmer of Level 19 or under get Mace + Warhammer Armor Penetration of 25%

-NPCs/Undead/Falmer of Level 19 or under get War Axe + BattleAxe Armor Penetration of 15%

-NPCs/Undead/Falmer of Level 20 or higher get Mace + Warhammer Armor Penetration of 50%

-NPCs/Undead/Falmer of Level 20 or higher get War Axe + BattleAxe Armor Penetartion of 25%

-Max carry weight is now set to level (somewhat more realistic carry weights):
Lvl<10 = 80lbs, Lvl<20 = 90lbs, Lvl<30 = 100lbs, Lvl<40 = 110lbs, Lvl<50 = 120lbs, Lvl<60 = 130lbs, Lvl<70 = 140lbs, Lvl<80 = 150lbs, Lvl>80 = 160lbs

-Carriages should no longer transport you if you are over-encumbered (Carriage Drivers are NOT  Merchant Caravans)

-Unlimited training (can train 9999 times per level) *always thought the training limits were silly!

-Players get a -30 penalty to sneak

-Only 3 pieces of armor required for Stormcloak matched sets for Light Armor & Heavy Armor *since Stormcloak soldiers use all sorts of helmets!

-Steel Horned Helmet now counts as standard steel AND steel plate for Matching Set Perk + Tempering Bonus

-Iron boots/gauntlets also make a 'matched set' with the Stormcloak Heavy Armor Cuirass

-Matched Set/Custom/Well Fitted Perks now only offer 10% bonuses

-Skeletons now take +25% damage from Maces or War Hammers

-Crafted enchantments are only 1% effective

-Spells Cost 100X more magicka to cast for the player
                                   *does not effect staffs/enchanted weapons/scrolls
                                   **the Paladin mod allows the casting of Restoration magics without penalty

-Alchemy Crafting is only 1% as effective + ingredients are completely gimped!

-Tempering Crafting is only 10% as effective*balancing/sharpening/customizing grips SHOULD NOT result in a weapon 3x as capable
                                                                         *14 Skill in Smithing still gives 'Fine' bonus

-Lock Picking is only 10% as effective *picking novice locks without the Novice perk is close to being as hard as picking Master locks in vanilla game
                                                        **Lockpicking Enchantments + Lockpicking Potions + Lockpicking Perks will make Master Locks possible to pick.
                                                        ***Lock Bashing can be added via this mod:

-Pick-pocketing is only 10% as effective (sleeping targets incur no penalty) 

-Deflect Arrow (with Shield) chance increases by +20%

-Incoming Stagger reduced by 20%

-All selling prices are reduced by 50% (discourages overencumbered movement for greedy me!)

-Hack and Slash Perks (all 3 levels) magnitude no longer effected by weapon material (all weapons are set to Elven/Honed bleeding damage level)

-Hack and Slash Perks (all 3 levels) each level slightly increases armor penetration (5% per level)

-Hack and Slash Perks (all 3 levels) now grants ALL WEAPON TYPES bleeding if a sword/dagger across the throat wouldn't bleed?!?

-Bladesman Perks (all 3 levels) Critical Hit chance now effects ALL WEAPONS (even fists)

-Added a Stormcloak Heavy Cuirass version (the long leather sleeve version).  It acts as a medium armor.

-Hide shields now weight 2.5

-Guard shields are now light armor

-Dawnguard Weapons/Relics are now silver weapons (they keep their anti vampire bonuses)

-Dawnbreaker is now considered a silver weapon (keeps all its other abilities)

-iron weapons weight -2 of default, and have +0.1 speed.  *this is to realistically balance their usefulness versus steel (the ingame iron weapon models are smaller after all)

-Iron Armors/Shields have their weight reduced (including Banded variants)...again to make them more viable vs steel.

Installation/Updating Instructions:

-For a new game or a simple update = Install .bsa normally or with a mod manager.  Start a new game normally.

-IF installing onto a game in progress = install .bsa normally or with mod manager.  While in game, open console '~', type 'showracemenu'.  Then click on another race choice.  Then click back on your original race.  Accept, rename, play as normal!

Required Files:

Unofficial Patch (which you should be using regardless!)


-the changes are in the race you can modify races, but NOT their race abilities (for example, for the Nord Race, I 'piggy-backed' this mod onto the Nord Racial 50% Frost Resist Ability)
*Orcs are the only race without a Race Ability to 'piggy back' this mod onto.  I had to make one for if you want to play as an Orc                        and you are using a race mod = place this mod last in the load order.

That's it, enjoy!