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About this mod

A rendition of the Infinity Blade from the Infinity Blade series. Comes in 1k, 2k and 4k versions.

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  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • French

What this mod includes:

The Infinity Blade

• One-Handed & Two-Handed versions (can be switched at the Skyforge)
• Enchanted: 
Deals an additional 30 damage to all attributes. Power Attacks have a chance to Banish Daedra (Summoned Atronachs) or inflict Dragonrend
• Infinite Charge
• Simple weapon drawing Glow Effect

Infinity Blade

• Forgeable One-Handed & Two-Handed versions (Daedric quality, does not require Daedric Smithing)
• Unenchanted

How to Obtain:

The Infinity Blade (Enchanted): Found at the very top of The Throat of the World
Infinity Blade (Unenchanted): Crafted at the forge


• Mod Manager / Manual Extraction to the Skyrim Data folder.


1) This isn't accurate to the 90 other interpretations out there!
• It's based on the real life version that was posted on the Infinity Blade Facebook

2) Can you make something else from Infinity Blade?
• I've never played the game, I don't know anything from this other than this sword

3) There is a forging exp exploit when switching from 1H to 2H versions!
• This is for convenience. You're going to have to show some self restraint!

4) I want the glow on the unenchanted sword 100% of the time!
• Check out the patches!

5) I don't want to go to the Throat of the World to get the sword!
• This was the requested location!

If for some reason the files do not work, cause crashes or any other problems, please do not hesitate to contact me.
All screenshots are taken directly from the game and resized down from 1920x1080 to 1280x720. No other editing has been done. 

Under no circumstance is this mod allowed to be uploaded to another website without my given permission. This includes discord.
No permission will be granted in regards to porting to console.