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A lower resolution overhaul of every texture in the SSE designed to boost performance on mid to lower end PCs.

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SSE - Halfsized Textures
This is a lower resolution overhaul of every texture in the SSE designed to boost performance on mid to lower end PCs. The Skyrim Special Edition has no way of turning down the resolution of the textures so the only other way is to reduce the size of them which can be done many ways. I use DDSOpt which is a 3rd party software program that can be found right here on the Nexus to do the work. On my machine an unmodded SSE on average only gets about 30 FPs in Low settings. This is due to my very sub par GPU. With normal Skyrim you can adjust the texture quality in the INI to boost performance but with the SSE that option is not available and everything comes in at Ultra.

With this mod the average texture size is 1024 x 1024 which is standard size reduced from 2048 x 2048 which is high resolution. The whole point of the SSE was to bring Skyrim up to high resolution and add some special effects to make it look pretty but if it doesn't perform very well on your machine you are not going to get much enjoyment out of it. With this mod in place I get and average boost of 10 to 15 FPs depending on where I am and what I am doing. The game is using less VRAM and therefore is more stable and most importantly more playable. I have had no CTDs since creating this and the actual loss in quality of the textures is so minimal you won't notice it unless you go looking for it.

This mod comes with an ESM file and you should use the Nexus Mod Manager to place the ESM at the very top of your load order just after the USSEP if you use that so that the USSEP can do its work first then this can come in second and then all of your other mods can come along and overwrite mine and this mod's textures are packed in a BSA file which allow mods that use loose texture files to easily overwrite it because loose files always overwrite those packed in a BSA. Results from this mod will vary from machine to machine. It all depends on what you have under the hood. If you don't like it or it doesn't do what you want it to do just remove it and the game will go back to normal SSE Textures with no damage to your saved game. With that being said I hope it helps you get more enjoyment from the Skyrim Special Edition.

NOTE: All screenshots are of the mod in place on a totally unmodded SSE so you can see what these textures look like without other mods interfering. Also one set of textures has been removed from the mod because when reduced causes a major bug and that is the water textures. When DDSOpt is used to reduce the water textures it causes water to stop flowing. It looks like it is standing still but it is actually still moving and instead of a nice flow of water the water bounces up and down. Not good so I took the water folder out of the mod. High Resolution Water is not going to have much of an effect on your FPs and most people use a water mod that replaces or changes the way water looks and flows in the game. I don't know how to create water textures or edit the ones already in the game so to avoid this issue the simplest solution for me was to take that folder out.